What is an “E-Nail”?

For the 1 or 2 people that have stumbled upon this article that don’t already know what an e-nail is. An e-nail is an electric nail for dabbing concentrates. They are an alternative to heating up your nail with a torch, and if your into dabbing, they are a must have!

If you’ve ever “dabbed” before, your well aware that the classic torch and nail setup can be a bit of a pain in the ass, as you have to re-heat the nail every single time you want to hit a dab.

With e-nails, you can set your desired temperature and it’ll stay heated until you turn it off!

Since the use of concentrates has exploded recently, so has the amount of portable electric dab rigs on the market. This is great for many reasons but it also means there is no shortage of low quality e-nails for sale. Our entire team here at iMarijuanit are huge fans of dabbing, and we all take dab rips in our morning meeting on a daily basis!

Unless you know what to look for you could get stuck with less than perfect electric nail for dabbing. This article was made to help concentrate users find the best e-nail dab rig to suit their needs!

What are the Best E-Nails on the Market?

There are tons of great e-nails on the market, and there are even more low quality ones. I’ve tried quite a few e-nails over the years, and I’ve narrowed this article down to my top 5 portable e-rigs/e-nails.

The Dab Ninja E-Nail

The Dab Ninja is similar to most traditional e-nails in the sense that it has a base which allows you to control the temperature that attaches to the coil. The one thing that sets this e-nail apart from the rest is it’s convenience due to how portable it is. The base is very small compared to the other e-nails on the market.

As far as performance goes, this is my favorite e-nail. The heat up time on the Dab Ninja is very quick, and according to my temperature probe, it’s temperature is very precise.

The Dab Ninja comes with a nail that attaches to any 14mm or 18mm glass bong. I highly recommend this e-nail if your looking for a high quality traditional electronic nail.

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Cloud V Electro Portable E-Nail

The Electro is a new style of e-nail made by Cloud V. It is a bubbler and an e-nail built into one portable unit. It’s what they call an “e-rig” style electronic nail.

Long story short, this thing rips. I’m a huge fan of the Cloud V Electro, and it quickly became my favorite e-nail to use once I picked it up for myself. It has exceptional battery life, and the functionality and vapor quality is outstanding. It’s the best e-nail for dabs in my opinion because everything is built into one simple unit, and not only that but it’s portable.

The Cloud V Electro has a titanium nail built in, that heats up very quickly and delivers smooth and massive clouds. You are able to get some pretty milky hits from this little device, and the water attachment makes them very smooth. It is unlike any other vaporizer or e-nail I’ve ever tried before, and in my opinion is a must have for any concentrate fans like myself.

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The Dr Dabber Boost

The Boost by Dr Dabber is a portable e-rig that is very similar looking to the Clouv V Electro. This unit delivers some very impressive vapor quality and boasts over a 2 hour battery life which is very impressive when compared to other e-rigs on the market.

This unit is a great choice in my opinion if your looking for an e-rig style electronic nail. It has all of the features to look for in a portable nail, with a solid battery life and excellent vapor production. The heat up time is lightning fast, and you’ll be vaping massive clouds within 45 seconds of turning on the unit.

Dr Dabber is known for producing quality products and selling them at very reasonable prices! So needless to say the Boost is beyond afforadable and retails for only 149.99$ which makes it the cheapest e-nail in this article, and also the cheapest electronic nail we’ve ever tried!

Don’t let it’s low price point fool you, this e-nail is made out of quality materials and packs a serious punch!

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Source Nail by Source Vapes

The Source Nail is another e-rig style nail however this might be the most portable e-nail on the market. This unit is much smaller than other e-rigs on the market such as the Electro or the Boost.

This portable e-rig delivers some impressive tasting vapor and also has a veryy solid battery life as well. Source Vapes are known for adding solid batteries to their vaporizers and their e-nails are no different. You can easily squeeze over 2 hours of consistent usage out of this portable e-nail, without any issues.

The Source Nail is an excellent option if your looking for something super portable that you can take virtually anywhere!


The Torrid E-Nail by White Rhino

The Torrid e-nail is an electric dab nail made by a company called White Rhino. It is not your traditional e-nail in the sense that it is cordless. It is a portable and re-chargeable electronic nail that attaches to most glass bongs and water pipes. It even features a reclaim chamber if your into saving your reclaim for later!

The Torrid has a super powerful triple coil ceramic rod atomizer. Which delivers fat clouds when dabbing. Believe it or not this product outperforms most plug-in e-nails in delivering fat clouds of dab vapor.

You can get some pretty massive hits from this small little device, don’t be fooled by it’s size.

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I hope this article helped you find an e-nail that suited your needs, and more importantly your budget!

Why Should You Buy an E-Nail?

Electronic nails provide a unique way for concentrate fans to vaporizer oils and wax. E-nails are one of the preferred ways to smoke dabs by most seasoned concentrate users. They make dabbing much easier when compared to the standard old school torch and nail setup.

E-nails give the user full control over the temperature settings allowing them to finely tune it to however they like to vaporizer their concentrates. This is a huge bonus especially for seasoned concentrate smokers because everyone has their own preferred temperature for optimal flavor and smoothness!

The vapor quality and taste that most electronic nails produce is much better than the traditional torch and nail setup. Since you can precisely control the temperature, your overall vapor quality is much better than you will get from heating a nail up with a torch.

Unless of course your some kind of torch jedi… In which case you should stick to a torch and nail!

All jokes aside once you use an electronic nail, you won’t ever want to go back to the old torch and nail way of dabbing. E-nails are a much more convenient way of vaporizing concentrates, and it’s a night and day difference when your talking about convenience if you ask me.

Pro’s and Con’s of E-Nail Dabbing


  1. You have full control over the temperature. This allows you to finely tune it to your preferred temperature
  2. They nail stays heated so you don’t have to consistently reheat them, unlike with a torch and nail
  3. The vapor quality you’re able to get is much better since you can precisely control the temperature


  1. Since the nail stays hot for long periods of time, you need to be extra careful when using them especially indoors