In-Depth Review of the Dab Ninja E-Nail



If your into concentrates and you don’t own an E-nail, you are missing out. Electronic nails AKA E-nails are taking over the concentrate community, and the Dab Ninja might just be the best one on the market.

This unit makes dabbing on-the-go super easy and very enjoyable!

We “highly” recommend this portable e-nail to any dab fans looking for an electronic nail for concentrates!

Read our full review below to find out why!

Why Buy the Dab Ninja?

Are you looking for an e-nail but don’t want to spend $400+ on an expensive unit?

Introducing the Dab Ninja…

This enail is designed to be compatible with nearly all sizes of glass on glass bongs and water pipes. You get all of the same features as the higher end e-nails, without the expensive price tag.

This e-nail goes for around $300 which is cheaper than most of the electronic nails you’ll find on the market. It also out performs most of the electronic nails I’ve tried!


The Dab Ninja E-Nail comes with:

  • 1 Digital Controller
  • 1 Titanium E-Nail
  • 1 20mm Heating Coil
  • AC Power Adapter
  • 1 Instruction Booklet

Look & Design

The Dab Ninja is super stylish, and also very small compared to most e-nails. Many of the other electric rigs on the market have large clunky boxes that have the temperature buttons on them.

This rig is very small and could realistically fit in most pant pockets, which sets it apart from most other nails on the market. Just be sure to let it cool down before you try putting it in your pocket…

The Ninja is made of high quality materials and has a very solid feel to it, you can tell it has an excellent build quality right when you first take it out of the box. It has a very strong heating system that is capable of heating up to 990°F.

Don’t let it’s small size fool you, this portable e-nail packs some a pretty serious punch!

Vapor Quality

One of the biggest things the Dab Ninja has going for it, is it’s excellent vapor production. This little unit has some power behind it. You are able to get some pretty milky dabs off of this e-nail very easily.

You can also get some very flavourful dabs if you set the temperature between 710-720°F. I was blown away by the vapor quality off of low temp dabs using this e-nail. If you are looking for an e-nail that vaporizes concentrates with good vapor quality, this e-nail is a great option.

My favourite way to use this e-nail is between the temperatures of 740-775°F. Between these temperatures you get good flavour and are also able to get some massive dab clouds.


This device is very portable and can be taken nearly anywhere due to it’s size. The size of the Ninja makes it the ideal e-nail choice for on the go dabbing!

I highly recommend this device if portability is your main concern. You won’t find a more portable e-nail than the Dab Ninja e-nail.

Ease of Use

This e-nail has a very user friendly design, and it’s extremely easy to use. It has 3 buttons, the power button as well as 2 buttons to set and control the temperature.

Using the Dab Ninja is about as simple as plugging it into the wall, turning it on, selecting your desired temperature and waiting around 60 seconds to heat up. It really is that simple.

The Dab Ninja is supposed to be compatible with most glass water pipes and bongs. It attaches nicely and snug on all of the glass pieces I own.

My Opinion

The Dab Ninja is a solid option for any concentrate fans looking for a convenient way to smoke dabs!                                            (or vaporize them depending on temperature)

I’m a big fan of how convenient this unit is, and use mine all the time. The Dab Ninja is a very powerful e-nail, especially considering it’s small size. The vapor quality is well above average, and it is the best electronic nail for dabs I’ve tried to date!

I’d highly recommend this setup to any concentrate fan looking to expand their arsenal. This device is well worth the investment at a price tag of $299.99.

Where to Buy the Dab Ninja E-Nail for the Best Price?

Want to get the Dab Ninja for yourself? Use the link below and receive a 20% discount at checkout as well as free shipping across the United States! You’ll also get a free gift!


  1. You are able to get massive rips
  2. This e-nail is great for low temp dabs as well as medium temp dabs as well
  3. The user has full control over the temperature and it can be easily controlled with the (+) and (-) buttons on the front of the unit
  4. The unit is extremely portable which makes it a great option for on-the-go dabbing
  5. The Dab Ninja has excellent vapor quality and delivers very flavourful dabs
  6. It’s nail is made out of the high quality Titanium (grade 2)
  7. The Ninja has a very quick heat up time (maybe this is why they named it the Ninja)


  1. The temperature caps out at 990°F which isn’t ideal for people who like higher temp dabs


If your looking for a reasonably priced, ultra portable and convenient electronic nail for dabbing, the Dab Ninja e-nail is an excellent choice. Whether your a novice or your a more experienced dabber, this Ninja has all of the qualities you should be looking for in an electronic nail.

It’s superb vapor quality, and lightning fast heat up time make it an obvious choice in my opinion for anybody in the market for a new electronic nail for dabs. This unit outshines all of the other e-nails I’ve had the pleasure of testing over the years as far as I’m concerned.

The Dab Ninja vs Most E-Nails – What Makes it Special?

My main complaint with most electronic nails is they are large and bulky, with the Dab Ninja you won’t encounter this due to it’s ultra portable design.

The Dab Ninja heats up to 990°F in under 1 minute while most enails take much longer to heat up. The average heat up time for an e-nail in my opinion is somewhere around 2-3 minutes from previous models I’ve tried in the past.

Our entire team here at iMarijuanit agrees that the Dab Ninja was the best e-nail we’ve tried all year.

If you’d like to learn more about the e-nails available on the market, click here to learn more.