Rise 2.0 Vaporizer by Vapir

If you are looking at buying the Vapir Rise 2.0. than you have come to the right place. Our in-depth Vapir Rise 2.0 review will show you all of the pros and the cons of this vaporizer.

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The Rise 2.0 by Vapir is a very under-priced vaporizer in my opinion. It performs just as well as the higher end products on the market such as the Volcano and the Super Surfer.

When using the Vapir Rise 2.0, you have two ways to use it. You can either use it with the balloon style bag attachments, or you can use the whip.

Design & Performance

The Rise has a unique yet simple design, and only has a few buttons to control it. It’s a very simple, yet effective vaporizer. I personally really like the look of this vaporizer, and think it looks super sleek.

The Rise heats up quickly compared to other desktops such as the Volcano vaporizer. You can fine tune the temperature to whatever temperature you enjoy vaporizing.


This vaporizer has a built-in fan that can be turned off independently from the heater; this was a drawback in the first edition.

Vapor Quality

The vapor production of this vaporizer is amazing. The temperature control is very accurate, and you are able to get some very tasty hits of vapor. I highly recommend this product if you want something that gives you good flavor and vapor quality.

Whip vs Bag

The Vapir Rise 2.0 has a forced air system so you can use it to fill up bags of vapor. You can also use this vaporizer with the whip attachment as well, which is a great feature. Both ways are great, but personally I’m a big fan of using the bag style attachment.

Overall Experience

Overall this vaporizer is great, for the price that this vaporizer costs, it is well worth it. The Vapir Rise 2.0 has so many great qualities, and in my opinion it might be the most under-prices desktop on the market.

Where to buy?

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  • This vaporizer delivers excellent vapor quality that is above average compared to most desktops
  • You are able to use this vape with both vapor bags like the Volcano or a standard whip instead
  • It has a simple design which makes the Rise very simple to use
  • It’s priced at around $250 which is very reasonable


  • This vaporizer caps out at 400°F which is a bit low in my opinion, however it’s not a big deal

Do I Recommend The Rise 2.0?

Without a doubt, the Rise 2.0 is one of the best desktops I’ve ever tried in terms of performance. Not to mention it’s priced at around 250$ which is quite reasonable when compared to other desktop units on the market such as the Volcano which retail for over $500.

The Rise 2.0 vs The Volcano


Vape Quality

The vapor quality is very comparable on both units, however I would give the slight edge to the Volcano. The Rise delivers some excellent vapor quality, however very few vaporizers compare to the Volcano in vapor production.

Winner – Volcano

Ease of Use

In my opinion it’s pretty much a draw when it comes to ease of use, as they are both very simple to operate. Their controls are also very similar which makes it hard to give either the edge.


Different Options

The Volcano is an excellent choice if your looking for a bag style desktop vaporizer however you are limited to using the bag attachment. With the Rise 2.0 you can also use it with the whip style attachment which gives it the edge over the Volcano.

Winner Rise 2.0

Build Quality

While the Rise 2.0’s build quality is very solid compared to most vaporizers, the Volcano has such a solid feel to it, and clearly has the better build quality. Therefore it gets the slight edge.

Winner – Volcano


The Volcano Classic retails for around $479.99 and the Digital is around $599.99. While the Rise 2.0 retails for around $249.99 which is considerably cheaper, giving it the edge!

Winner Rise 2.0

Overall Winner

I would say overall if your looking for the highest quality vaporizer on the market, go with the Volcano. However if your looking for a more cost effective option that still delivers above average vapor quality, the Rise 2.0 is the better option. I personally think the Rise is the better option simply due to the price difference between these two units.

Winner – Rise 2.0

In my opinion the massive price difference is the deciding factor as most people aren’t really looking to invest over $400 in a vaporizer. Not only that but for the extra money the value truly isn’t there in my opinion. You can get a very comparable experience from the Rise 2.0 for a fraction of the cost of the Volcano.

Company Information

Vapir is one of the more popular brands of vaporizers on the market, and for a good reason. Their know for producing high performance vapes such as the Prima, as well as the Rise.

I personally am a huge fan of this company, as well as their products. They sell some of the best vapes on the market and they are always very reasonably priced. Vapir offers a 2 year standard warranty that comes free with any vaporizer made by them, so should anything ever go wrong with your unit you can just send it back for a full refund.