Is portability and discreetness important to you in a vaporizer?

The Boundless CFC will make a great a addition to your vaporizer collection.

The Boundless brand has really been impressing me lately with the build quality, and affordability of their vaporizers. The Boundless CFC is the most affordable vaporizer in their line-up and is quickly becoming one of my favorite portable vaporizers overall.

The Boundless line also includes the popular Boundless CFX, but I personally find the CFX is a little too large to be used outside the home.

For this reason, the CFC is a great choice for me due to it’s increased portability.

This smaller, more travel friendly CFC won’t disappoint, with plenty of power, lots of versatility and enough customization options to suit even the most fickle of users.

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Now on to the review…


I was pleasantly surprised to find that the CFC has a very solid feel to it. While its plastic body isn’t perfect and raises concerns about how long lasting and durable it could be, it makes use of medical grade materials in its construction which, assuming the veracity of these claims, should make these materials very high-end.

Unfortunately, the plastic mouthpiece does get quite hot when vaping at higher temperatures due to the short vapor path, however this can be mitigated by lowering the temperature controls for a better experience.

The temperature display can be changed from Fahrenheit to Celsius, which is a unique and attractive feature for some people.

The CFC allows the user to choose the exact degree they would like to enjoy their herbs at. The CFC also offers a very satisfying range of temperatures for the vape enthusiast to choose from, the heating range is pretty wide, offering settings from as low as 100°C (212°F) right up to 230 degrees Celsius (446°F) while its heating chamber is large enough to accommodate up to 0.5 grams of ground dry herbs.

This offers lots of flexibility to suit the tastes of all kinds of users.

The integrated LED display is visually appealing and effective, allowing for convenient customization of temperature settings, while the overall look is of a stylish, well designed device. It is effective and easy to load with dry herbs thanks to its easily accessible heating chamber which means that even complete beginners can become experts with this vaporizer in minutes.

All that is required is to press the power button five times to switch the device on and then press the temperature control buttons to set the appropriate temperature and voila, delicious vapor rushing across your taste buds like a pack of wild buffalo. There is even an automatic shut-off after ten minutes to preserve your battery life and to make sure you don’t accidentally wreck your device.

Vapor Quality

Although the Boundless CFC produces rather wispy and thin vapor clouds when used on a low temperature setting (which could be somewhat underwhelming for those who prefer huge vapor clouds), it does excel in the taste department, which is well sustained even at moderately high temperatures. The plastic mouthpiece does get pretty hot with prolonged use, so when using this device it’s best to stick with a lower temperature to minimize discomfort, and this may not be ideal for those who prefer their vape at a much higher temperature for extended periods of time.

Key Features

  • Ability to customize temperature settings to the exact degree
  • Large chamber which can hold up to 0.5 g of ground dry herb
  • Attractive finish with integrated easy-read LED display
  • User friendly controls which are intuitive enough for even a novice to use
  • Constructed using high quality medical grade materials
  • Automatic device shut off after 10 minutes to preserve battery life and to improve user


As Boundless’ most discreet vaporizer, the CFC is easy to use in public without attracting any unwanted attention from any passers-by. Although it does have an integrated LED screen, it is pretty low key and won’t arouse any suspicions. Thanks to its compact, slender design, it can easily be hidden in the palm of the hand, and it is small enough to tuck away in a pocket without any obvious bulges. As its vapor production is fairly thin, this actually works in its favor when it comes to discretion, however it’s important to note that the plastic mouthpiece is quite fragile, and so needs to be handled with care when transporting it outside the house. As such, it is not really suited for rigorous activity but is a great companion when out running errands.

Battery Life

The Boundless CFC has a surprisingly long battery life considering it is such a small device. It lasts for around four to five vaping sessions, or approximately 60 minutes of continuous vaping. One
downside is that this device doesn’t have a removable battery, and so charging restricts you to your closest wall outlet or similar power source. It charges through a micro USB cable which comes supplied with the kit, and so it can be charged from a PC, from a car charger or from a wall power

outlet with no difficulties. The device charges fast enough with a charge time of approximate 1 and a half to 2 hours.


This vaporizer comes equipped with a USB charging cable, a cleaning brush and a user manual.

It certainly doesn’t come with many extra bells and whistles, however for the price you pay and the quality of the vaporizer itself, you can’t really expect many accessories to be included.


  • Ideal for both new and experienced vapers
  • LED display featuring precise heat controls for better customization
  • A sturdy construction and a stable design
  • Produces very flavorful vapor at low temperatures
  • Battery life is quite long for such a small device
  • Small enough to conceal in the palm of your hand
  • Compact device can be used while out and about
  • Can be used discreetly in public thanks to its unobtrustice display
  • Large herb chamber


  • The plastic mouthpiece can become quite hot during use
  • The battery cannot be removed for charging and cannot be replaced
  • Has some plastic components which typically are not very durable
  • Vapor tends to be thin, not a cloud-chucker by any stretch of the imagination (although the device is still quite functional overall)


When portability is key, the Boundless CFC is a great choice. A reliable and well designed device, the CFC is discreet enough to take anywhere and produces a very good quality vapor chock full of flavor.

While small, it is a very visually appealing device and its full range of temperature control make it a very versatile and customizable option to any in the vaping sphere. The heating chamber is also large enough to accommodate plenty of herb, so when this is paired with the reasonably long battery life, you can expect to walk away satisfied.

On the other hand, if you prefer to vape at higher temperatures, this is probably not the vaporizer for you due to how rapidly the mouthpiece heats up when used at higher temperatures.

Where to buy?

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Do I recommend the Boundless CFC?

I would without a doubt recommend the Boundless CFC to any user who is looking for s simple, yet high quality vaporizer that is extremely portable and comes at a reasonable price.

I would recommend this device for anyone looking for good value, high performance and excellent portability.

If you’re interested in buying the Boundless CFC, be sure to use the link below to get the best price available online!


About The Company

Launched in 2015, Boundless Technology currently has six different units on the market, each one with a unique appeal all its own.

Striving to tap into the latest advances in the industry, Boundless creates innovative products which allow vapers to vape stealthily and on the move. They aim to deliver efficient, straightforward and, above all, affordable vaping experiences for consumers while putting customer satisfaction at the heart of what they do.