Are you looking for a portable e-nail that delivers fat dabs?

The Boost by Dr Dabber might be for you…

The Dr Dabber Boost is a new eRig style portable e-nail vaporizer! This e-nail is very similar to the Source Nail by Source Vapes but is a bit more portable!

I was very excited to finally get my hands on this product as I had heard it was similar to the Cloud V Electro but supposedly more portable. I’m a big fan of most eRig’s so I was super excited to test out the Boost.


The Boost has a very nice look in my opinion. I’m a big fan of the the black color with subtle blue hue’s, it really does look sharp.

The design of the Boost makes it very portable and easy to take with you and use virtually anywhere! One of the main reason’s I love this eRig so much is because of it’s portability.

The fact that it is so portable makes the Dr Dabber Boost the perfect choice for on-the-go dabbing!

Vapor Quality

The Boost has outstanding vapor quality. I’ve been able to get some massive, tasty clouds of vapor from the concentrates I’ve been using with it. The vapor quality in my opinion is a little bit better than some of the other eRig’s I’ve tried such as the Source Nail and the Electro.

Even though the Boost only has 2 heat settings, they are both perfect for dabs in my opinion. It comes with a higher temperature that is perfect for massive dab clouds and also a lower temperature which is great for getting smooth, and flavorful hits.

Battery Life

The Boost has a very impressive battery life compared to other e-rigs! You can easily get over 2 hours of battery life per charge and this can be a lot longer if you use the unit at lower temperatures.

Keeping in mind it’s portable size, I’m quite satisfied with the battery life on this portable e-nail. It’s long enough to stay alive all day depending on how frequently and how often you dab!


If your in the market for an e-nail or a portable eRig, I would highly recommend the Boost by Dr Dabber! I would even recommend this unit if your simply looking for a portable vaporizer that does concentrates.

If you’ve never tried an eRig before and your into concentrates, I definitely recommend you try one! Whether it be the Boost by Dr Dabber or one of the other many models available on the market. They have quickly became my new favorite way to use concentrates.

This product is a lot of fun to use, and it’s an amazing tool to dab concentrates, especially on-the go! I “highly” recommend you giving it a go! (see what I did there)

Where to Buy?

This product is priced at around 175$ but if you use our link below, we’ve found a deal for 149.99$ plus free shipping! They also usually have promo codes on their website for up to 20% off!


Do I Recommend This Portable e-Rig?

100% yes. The Boost by Dr Dabber is the best e-rig I’ve personally ever used. It delivers massive hits of vapor that is very comparable to dabbing with an e-nail. It’s my go to device when I’m looking to dab on the go.

Be sure to read our E-Nail Buyers Guide to find more information on electronic nails! Our goal at iMarijuanit is to provide our readers with honest vaporizer reviews to help them make the right decision when buying a vaporizer.

Company Information

Dr Dabber is a vaporizer brand that is well known for producing some of the highest performing vapes on the market.

They offer a 1 year no hassle warranty on all of their products, so you can buy their vapes with full confidence.