Honest Review of the Magic Flight Launch Box




The Launch Box by Magic Flight is a classic vaporizer that has been around for years. I’ve owned this vaporizer for years and it was actually the first vaporizer I ever bought.

I still own my original Launch Box over 3 years after buying it and I’m still loving it!

Each Launch Box is handcrafted by a Magic Flight team member at their headquarters in San Diego, California.

Look & Design

The Launch Box has a unique design and a very simplistic look to it. It truly could not be any more basic looking, however it’s simple look is matched with outstanding performance.

The Launch Box like the name suggests is essentially a small wooden “box”, with a heating chamber and a glass cover.

The battery is removable the Launch Box comes with two, meaning you can interchange them as they lose their charge.

Vapor Quality

This tiny wooden box delivers some impressive vapor quality and is surprisingly able to produce some pretty large hits despite it’s tiny size. The heating chamber is quite large so you are able to fit a good amount of herbs into it. The herb chamber has a unique design which allows for your herbs to be vaporized evenly, preventing the need to stir your stash after a few hits,

I’m a big fan of this vaporizer. I was blown away by the taste and quality of the vapor the Launch Box produces. It may be simple but it out performs most portables on the market in my opinion as far as vapor quality goes.

Battery Life

The Magic Flight Launch Box has a pretty impressive battery life especially for such a small vape. I am typically able to get around 1 hour of consistent use per battery. Keep in mind it comes with two batteries, so you can just switch the batteries once one of them dies on you.

Ease of Use

The Launch Box is without a doubt one of the simplest vapes on the market, both in terms of it’s design and also ease of use. It’s heat up time is super quick and is ready go almost soon as you insert the battery.

To operate the Launch Box all you do is insert the battery into the slot and hold the battery in place which will activate the heating chamber. It only has one heating temperature however the temperature it’s set to provides a very smooth and enjoyable vapor.


The Magic Flight Launch Box is a very simplistic vaporizer yet it out performs many of the higher end units on the market. In my opinion it is one of the best portable vaporizers on the marketm especially when you consider it’s price.

The Launch Box retails for only $119.99 so in my opinion it’s pretty much a no brainer. I’ve owned my unit for over 3 years and it still works as good as the day I bought it. It’s definitely without a doubt the best vaporizer for the money!

Where to buy?

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  • The battery life is exceptional especially considering how small this vape is
  • It produces excellent vapor quality; you can expect smooth and tasty hits every time
  • The heating element heats up in a matter of seconds after inserting the battery
  • You can fit a considerable amount of stash in the herb chamber (around 0.25-.3 grams)
  • Extremely portable design makes it an ideal choice for on the go vaping


  • It only has 1 temperature setting

Do I Recommend the Magic Flight Launch Box?

If your looking for an extremely portable vaporizer and aren’t too concerned about vaporizing at different temperatures, the Launch Box is a solid option for you. This is one of my favorite vaporizers of all time due to it’s convenience and because of how excellent the vapor quality is.

This product features quite a large herb chamber that does a very good job of vaporizing your herbs evenly. You won’t find you have to stir your herbs after a few hits like you do with most vaporizers.

The battery life of this vape is also very impressive especially when you consider how tiny this unit is. It’s the smallest portable vaporizer I currently own, and it out performs quite a few of my portable collection.

If your in the market for a new portable vape, you definitely should check out the Launch Box by Magic Flight. This product is both outstanding, and under-priced if you ask me! At $119.99 it’s a steal of a deal.

We’ve got plenty more vape reviews at iMarijuanit, if you’re not sold on this vaporizer. There are plenty more vaporizers to choose from!

The Magic Flight Orbiter Accessory


The Orbiter is an accessory for the Launch Box that allows you to vaporize through a water pipe for extra smooth hits! I am a huge fan of this attachment and I personally think it’s a very enjoyable way to vaporize with the Magic Flight Launch Box.



Support Green Products

The Magic Flight Launch Box is a green product and all of the materials used to make it are sourced from natural and renewable materials. As far as I know this is unique to Magic Flight company, I’ve never heard of another company creating a green certified vape!

They assemble each vaporizer by hand in their 87 step patented production process. Every single day the Magic Flight team assembles these vapes at their San Diego location! No outsourcing to China or foreign soil, these vapes are 100% made in the USA.

Company Information

The Magic Flight company is unique to any other vaporizer manufacturer in the sense that they hand craft each of their products. Their headquarters is located in San Diego California and that is where each vape is handcrafted by a member of the Magic Flight Team.

One thing I really like about the Magic Flight company is that they don’t outsource any of their manufacturing to foreign countries, and they create every vape by hand on US soil.