Looking for a portable vaporizer with great vapor quality and a long battery life.

Look no further.

The original Firefly vaporizer was released in 2013, and although it proved to be easy to use, it received a mixed response from vapers. Although they liked its innovative design and good vapor quality, its poor battery life and large profile meant that it failed to hit the spot for many people.

The Firefly 2 has built on the feedback that the manufacturer received, and the result is an excellent device which is much more portable and which produces a much higher level of performance.

One of the best features of this device is that it accommodates short sessions of vaping thanks to its
small chamber and instantly supplied heat. With its on-demand convection heater, herbs are cooked virtually instantly, and thanks to the Bluetooth app, it’s possible to customize the heat profile easily and even to switch to concentrate mode. As the Firefly 2 is also much lighter, smaller and more portable than the original, it takes its place as one of the most convenient vaporizer pens on the market.

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This sleek vape pen is 55% lighter than the original Firefly model, and as it is also 33% smaller, it is the perfect compact solution to take out and about. Its convinient design is in two parts – a body and a lid which is magnetic for ease of use. The design also includes a window which enables the user to look into the chamber and to see its contents during vaping.

The Firefly 2 has a removable mouthpiece which makes it much easier to maintain and clean, while its all-glass air path ensures the vapor stays at a low temperature to allow for a more pleasant vape. It also features touch sensitive buttons which mean that body heat from the fingertips is necessary to activate the device. This means that there is no chance of accidental firing when in your purse or pocket for better safety.

This device also pairs with a Bluetooth smartphone app, which allows the user to easily adjust the temperature settings from their cell phone or to switch to the concentrates profile remotely. This allows the device itself to maintain its stylish, smooth lines without any unnecessary buttons. The app allows the user to choose their preferred temperature between 200 and 500 degrees Fahrenheit, while the automatic firmware updates guarantee that users will always stay up to date with progress.

Vapor Quality

The first Firefly device was famous for producing excellent vapor, and its latest incarnation does not disappoint. You can expect a consistent and smooth vapor from the Firefly 2, whether using concentrates or herbs, thanks to the glass chamber and borosilicate glass vapor path which ensures that the taste is aromatic and clean. You can also expect to produce impressive vapor clouds – some of the biggest from any handheld device, in fact.

Since the Firefly 2 uses on-demand convection heating, there is no waste as you wait for the heating chamber to reach the selected temperature. It can also heat up to 400 degrees in just a few seconds for a more efficient vape. The 55 laser-drilled micro-jets in the heating chamber also ensure that the convection heat is evenly distributed through the material for the best possible flavor. You don’t even need to grind your herb for use with the Firefly 2, for even greater convenience.

Key Features

  • Compatible with concentrates and dry herbs
  • Borosilicate glass chamber and vapor path cools and preserves the vapor flavor
  • Ability to adjust the temperature settings and material profiles using the Bluetooth app
  • Easy enough for a complete beginner to use
  • No unpleasant aftertaste thanks to the all-glass components
  • Convection heating system for more efficiency
  • Huge vapor clouds
  • Low maintenance device thanks to the removable mouthpiece
  • Smaller and lighter than the original Firefly model for easy transportation


The Firefly 2 has been designed to be smaller and lighter than the original Firefly and can therefore be taken out and about more easily, however it is not the most discreet device on the market due to the way in which it must be held while vaping.

Since it is nothing like other, more traditional, vaping devices, it may well attract more attention than more traditional pen-shaped devices.

On the other hand, if you only use the lower heat setting, there is very little odor or vapor to speak of, andas the herbs only produce a smell while you draw from the unit tanks to the on-demand heating system, this isn’t the most obvious vaping device either.

Battery Life

The Firefly 2 comes with two batteries – one pre-installed in the device when it arrives, and another which acts as a spare. One battery will give you, on average, around 3 to 4 cooks, although this will depend on which temperature setting you use, and while this cannot compare with the units which have the best battery life, as there is a second battery supplied as part of the kit, you can enjoy up to around 8 vaping sessions before you need to do a recharge. As this device uses a magnetic USB 3.0 charging dock, you can always be charging one of the batteries while using the other for zero downtime. Since the charging dock can recharge a battery from empty to full in just 45 minutes anyway, this is a pretty impressive performance.


The Firefly 2 comes with a really nice case that is better than your typical vape case.

The Firefly 2 comes with a spare battery, a charging dock, stirring sticks and inclusive USB charging cable.

Thes device is compatible with both concentrates as well as dry herbs. It also comes with three concentrate stainless steel mesh pads which can be placed in the bowl to filter out large particles.


When compared to the original Firefly, this more recent device from this manufacturer is a huge improvement, especially for those who are keen to produce large vapor clouds. Extremely efficient, this on-demand convection heating model won’t waste any of your precious herbs, and will heat virtually instantly for super-fast vaping.

It’s easy to use, thanks to the Bluetooth app, and has a pretty decent battery life when both batteries are taken into account.

It is small enough to carry out and about, however it isn’t the most discreet device on the market due to its unusual shape, and, of course, the extra battery and other accessories which need to be taken out and about make this a more bulky and cumbersome device.

Where to Buy

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  • Easy to use, even for beginner vapers
  • Easy to understand controls and an app which allows for convenient and accurate
    temperature settings as well as easy change of material profiles
  • Can be used for vaping with either concentrates or dry herbs
  • Comes with an additional battery for extra convenience and zero downtime
  • Produces flavorful, cool vapor thanks to the all-glass pathways and chamber
  • Produces enormous clouds for a handheld device
  • Glass air path and chamber ensure a more pure flavor
  • Easy to maintain thanks to removable mouthpiece
  • On-demand convection heating ensures a rapid heating time with no waste
  • The illuminated chamber window allows vapers to see the amount of herb left


  • Not the most discreet device due to its unusual shape and method of vaping
  • The only way to change the temperature is to hook it up to your smartphone

Do I Recommend the Firefly 2?

The Firefly 2 is one of the best handheld devices for vapor production, and I would certainly recommend it to any cloud chaser who is looking for optimal performance from their portable vape. This device produces excellent flavor too thanks to its glass chamber and air path, and so I would recommend it on those grounds too.

While it isn’t ideal for anyone who’s on a strict budget, if you’re looking for a portable that stands above the rest. The Firefly 2 might just be perfect for you. With it’s superb vapor quality, and super long battery life, it’s hard to beat it.

Overall, I would say that this is a great value device that will give you excellent performance and I would recommend it to both new and experienced vapers alike.

About the Company

Firefly Vapor was founded in 2012 with the mission to create the world’s best vaporizers. The original Firefly vaporizer was highly praised by vaping connoisseurs and experts, and even won a Good Design Award in 2014 from the Chicago Athenaeum Museum.

The expert team behind the Firefly 2 use design, technology and research to develop the latest innovative and cutting edge vaping devices.