The Phantom vaporizer by Cloud V is a new addition to their stellar line-up. Cloud V has made a name for themselves over the years and are known for their quality vape pens such as the Platinum. The Cloud V Phantom is a true herb vaporizer and long story short, this thing rips!

Watch our in-depth unboxing style review video below!

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We were pleasantly surprised with the Phantom by Cloud V. It blew our expectations out of the water.

Look & Design

The Phantom by Cloud V is a unique looking vape pen that is meant for use with dry herbs. It’s one of the best dry herb vaporizers we’ve ever reviewed. It is ultra portable and Cloud V clearly put a lot of thought into this product because it shows in both the vapor quality and also the solid battery life of this vaporizer.

Vapor Quality

The Cloud V Phantom delivers some amazing vapor quality for such a small vaporizer. We didn’t expect the vapor quality to be nearly as good as it is. The Phantom has amazing vapor production and delivers smooth, tasty vapor in every toke.

This is a must have dry herb vaporizer if your looking for a portable with solid vapor quality.

Battery Life

The battery life on the Phantom is pretty damn good. You can easily get over 1 and a half hours of use per charge, which is quite impressive seeing is it is a vape pen. It has one of the longest battery live’s of any vaporizer pen we’ve tried.

The Phantom truly shines in this department, and is great if you want something that will last you for most if not all of the day on a single charge.


I highly recommend the Cloud V Phantom if your looking for a solid portable dry herb vaporizer. It’s got all of the qualities we look for in a vape pen. With a great battery life, and it’s ability to consistently deliver flavorful hits of vapor makes it one of the best portables on the market for it’s price point. For under 100$, you really can’t go wrong in my opinion.

If your interested in purchasing the Phantom, be sure to use our link below for a huge discount as well as free shipping!


  • This vaporizer delivers excellent vapor quality especially considering it’s a vape pen
  • The battery life on the Phantom is very solid
  • It’s got a very user friendly design which makes it very easy to use
  • It comes with 3 temperature settings where as most vape pens only have one


  • It isn’t very portable and is quite a large vaporizer pen

Do I Recommend the Cloud V Phantom?

I definitely recommend the Phantom to anybody looking for a dry herb vaporizer. This unit packs a serious punch and is very reasonably priced considering it’s build quality and performance.

The vapor production on the Cloud V Phantom is spectacular and is unmatched by any herb pens I’ve tried to date. You are able to get massive clouds of excellent tasting vapor from this little device.

The battery life on this vape pen is pretty solid, especially for a pen style vaporizer. It has over a 1 and a half hour battery life, which in my opinion is quite solid.

Pro Tip #1If you use this vape pen at the lowest heat setting, you’ll be able to get around 20 minutes more battery life per charge. 

Company Information

Cloud V has established their brand as one of the most popular vape pen companies in the industry. They are well known for creating some of the highest quality vaporizers on the market.

Their line of vaporizers includes for everybody, whether your into herbs, concentrates or e-liquids, Cloud V has a vape for you!

Their known for making vaporizers such as the PlatinumDiamond and the Electro. Here at iMarijuanit highly endorse their brand and their products!