Cloud V Platinum Review

The Platinum vape pen is a new vaporizer by Cloud V that’s meant for wax or concentrates only!

Cloud V is known for producing great quality vaporizers and selling them at an affordable price, and the Platinum is no different. This vape retails for around 80$ and is worth every dollar!

Watch our unboxing style review below!

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Look & Design

The Cloud V Platinum looks very similar to the Cloud V Classic vape pen however it has a slightly different look to it.

It’s a micro vape pen, meaning it is ultra portable! It is a great option for wax if you need something ultra portable!

The Platinum has a design similar to other vape pens however the atomizer chamber is unique and features what Cloud V is calling the Tornado atomizer. What this means is the walls of the chamber are slanted so that your concentrates will naturall fall onto the atomizer instead of getting stuck to the walls.

It is a very unique feature as you will never have to readjust you concentrates again while vaping!

Vapor Quality

Most vape pens have very sub par vapor quality, however the Platinum is pretty decent in this department. You do get some combustion however the hits are very smooth and tasty, which is a rare quality to find in a wax vape pen with a coil atomizer.

If your looking for a vape pen for concentrates that has good vapor production, this might just be the product for you!

Battery Life

Seeing as this vaporizer is a micro vape pen, I wasn’t really expecting a very long battery life. However I was pleasantly surprises to find out the Platinum has a very solid battery life!

You can easily get a few hours of battery life out of this little device, depending on how frequently you are cycling the heating chamber.


If your looking for a super portable wax vaporizer, I would highly recommend the Platinum by Cloud V. It is one of the better vape pens we’ve tried here at iMarijuanit. It outperforms most if not all of the other vape pens that we’ve tried in both the vapor quality and battery categories.

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  • The Tornado atomizers design prevents having to adjust your dab of wax between hits
  • This vaporizer delivers very clean tasting vapor
  • The vapor production on the Platinum is very impressive
  • It has a very solid battery especially considering how small it is


  • It only comes with one temperature setting, which is common for vape pens

Do I Recommend the Platinum by Cloud V?

This might be the best concentrate pen I’ve ever tried. I would highly recommend it to anybody looking for a solid concentrate vape pen. This unit drastically out performs most other vape pens currently on the market.

I’m personally not typically a fan of vaporizer pens, however the Platinum blew me away. I’m a huge fan of this product, and I would recommend it to any concentrate fans.

Company Information

The Cloud V company has built a solid reputation for themselves over the years. They are widely considered to be one of the front running companies in the vaporizer industry. Besides the Platinum, Cloud V is also well known for many high performance vaporizers such as the Phantom.

They’re regularly bringing new and exciting products to the market, and not just vaporizers.They recently released the Electro portable e-Rig. Which is essentially a cross between a portable vaporizer and an e-nail.

Whether you vaporize concentrates, herbs or e-liquids, the Cloud V line-up will surely have the perfect vaporizer to suit your needs! I personally highly recommend their products, as I’ve had a great experience with every vape I’ve tried of theirs thus far.