Diamond Vaporizer by Cloud V


I was very impressed with this vape as soon as I opened the box the Diamond by Cloud V. This vaporizer is one of the more sleek looking portables I’ve come across. It looks and feels similar to the Pax by Ploom. This portable is very small and fits very nicely in the palm of my hand.

The Diamond is only meant to be used with herbs, and is not to be used with concentrates. This is one of the better portables for herbs I’ve tried to date.

Battery Life

The batter life of the Diamond really impressed me. You can easily get over 2 hours of use with this portable which is above average especially for it’s small size. The battery of this vaporizer stacks up very well compared to other portables.


This vaporizer is very small and portable. It is ideal if your looking for a small and discreet vaporizer. It fits very nicely in your hand and can be used anywhere due to it’s size. It is right around the same size as the Pax.


This unit is very discreet. There is only 2 buttons and this vaporizer doesn’t have any flashy buttons or lights, so it’s super discreet. The Diamond’s small size makes it ideal if your trying to be inconspicuous.

Ease of Use

The Diamond is very easy to use. It only has two buttons that are used to control the temperature. It has a very simple design and can be picked up by anyone and used without any confusion.


This vaporizer has a very nice feel to it, and the design overall is solid. I’m a huge fan of how this vaporizer looks but more importantly I’m a bigger fan of how it functions. This is easily one of the most functional and under rated portable vaporizers currently on the market.

Overall Experience

This vaporizer gets 2 thumbs up. Cloud V did an amazing job perfecting this portable, and I highly recommend you get your hands on one. This vaporizer is hugely under priced in my opinion, and easily compares to vaporizers worth $200+. With a price tag of $129.99, you really can’t go wrong.

If your looking to get your hands on the Diamond by Cloud V. Use our link below for a discount!