Are you looking for a portable concentrate vaporizer that packs a punch?

The Muad Dib might just be the vape for you.

The Muad Dib by Magic Flight is a unique portable vaporizer made specifically for concentrates. It is truly unique and beyond affordable at only $119.99!

Ease of Use

One thing I really love about the Magic Flight Muad Dib is just how easy it is to use!

All you have to do is load your concentrates into the heating chamber, and push the battery into position to activate the heating chamber. This vaporizer has a very quick heat up time allowing you to start vaping almost immediately once you push the battery into place.

If you’ve ever used the original Magic Flight Launch Box, this vaporizer has a very similar design and works almost the exact same way.

Look & Design

The Muad Dib has a very unique look. It looks a bit similar to it’s brother the original Magic Flight Launch Box but the only twist is that this vaporizer has a different design to accommodate concentrates and waxes.

The “chamber” has a truly unique design and works super well for conserving your concentrates. The chamber is very efficient and you waste nothing with this vaporizer.

Vapor Quality

One of the highlights of the Magic Flight Muad Dib is it’s vapor quality. It delivers some of the smoothest tasting vapor I’ve ever experienced from a portable vaporizer.

If your looking for a portable vaporizer that has excellent vapor production, this is a good product to go with. It’s design allows it to deliver massive clouds of smooth tasting vapor. As fas as vapor production goes, it might just be my favorite portable vaporizer.

Battery Life

Surprisingly despite it’s tiny battery size, the Muad Dib has a pretty impressive battery life. I am typically able to get well over 1 hour of consistent use. You can easily stretch this battery life depending on how you vaporize.

Not to mention they also give you 2 rechargeable batteries, so you can switch them out as they die. Each battery has approximately an hour of battery life, and considering they are the same size as your standard AA battery, that’s pretty good in my opinion.


If your looking for an ultra portable wax vaporizer with outstanding vapor quality, go with the Magic Flight Muad Dib. It is priced under 125$ and I personally think it’s worth more than that. It’s one of those vaporizers that is worth every dollar you pay for it.

Where to buy?

We recommend buying this vaporizer from, they offer the lowest price we could find. Click the link below, and you’ll receive a discount on their site.


  • This vaporizer is extremely portable making it a great option for on the go vaping
  • It’s unique heating element provides excellent vapor quality
  • Your able to get very large hits of vapor
  • The battery life is very impressive especially considering the size of this vape
  • You are able to purchase many fun attachments such as the Orbiter


  • You can’t change the temperature and you’re limited to one preset temperature setting
  • The herb chamber only accommodates a small amount of concentrates compared to most vapes

Do I Recommend the Muad Dib?

If your looking for a portable vaporizer for concentrates, the Muad Dib by Magic Flight is a solid option.

It’s impressive vapor production coupled with it’s portability and excellent battery life makes it one of the best portable vaporizers on the market.

I would recommend this vaporizer to inexperienced “vapers” as well as experienced vapor connoisseurs. The vapor production you are able to get from this tiny little portable is truly incredible, and can almost be compared to taking a dab.

This is a really unique product and it’s the perfect addition to any concentrate fans arsenal. If you’re not totally sold on this vaporizer, be sure to read more of our vaporizer reviews.

Company Information

Magic Flight is a company that has been around for many years. They are one of the more popular vaporizer brands on the market and are most known for their original Launch Box vaporizer.

All of their vaporizers are assembled by hand at their San Diego headquarters by a Magic Flight team member! Needless to say the Magic Flight company is 100% American! All of their vaporizers are made in the USA!