In-Depth Review of the Boundless CFX

This vaporizer is very similar to the Crafty… except it’s under half the price!

For vaporizer enthusiasts who prefer the smoother vaporizing experience, the Boundless CFX vaporizer is the new kid on the block and definitely worth your attention.

The CFX has some impressive specs that make it one of the better portables on the market. It reaches the maximum heat in only 20 seconds, can hold up to one gram of herb for longer sessions, and uses both conduction and convection heating.


At $179.99, the Boundless CFX vaporizer is well worth paying a little extra. Aside from the features listed above, this vaporizer has an outstanding build quality that will last longer than many other, cheaper vaporizers, that are currently on the market. Over the long term, this will save you money. As far as build quality goes, it weighs in at just above 7 ounces, making it light and easy to carry.

The body is made of a solid plastic shell with a rubberized layer that feels solid when holding in your hand. The rubber makes for a nice grip. Further, the mouthpiece is wider than most other vaporizers, making it much easier to pull in the smooth vapor from your herb. The mouthpiece is also made of medical-grade plastic, meaning it’s very safe to use and won’t give off harmful toxins during your vape sessions. For the price you pay, this vaporizer does not feel cheap. I personally find this vaporizer very similar to the Crafty by Storz & Bickel, which is sold at a much higher price point.

The CFX is controlled with an electronic interface that is very easy to use. A small 1.7-inch screen on the unit gives you all the information you need to ensure a great vape session. The screen will tell you the temperature, session time and other useful information. To control everything from powering on/off to the heating temperature, you use buttons near the screen. The buttons are large enough to press with ease.

Vapor Quality

Not all vaporizers are created equal. One benefit that really sets the Boundless CFX apart from the competition is the consistent quality of the vapor from one session to the next. Even at the highest temperature setting, the vapor flavor is fantastic. The vapor also cools down enough to be comfortable when in use.

The herb tastes great, from the first puff to the last. When taking in a draw on the CFX, it’s best to take an easy, relaxed draw. Some say the draw resistance is a little high on this vaporizer, but it’s by no means a deal breaker. Don’t try to draw too hard on the mouthpiece (or you might clog the screen). This is a fairly minor point but still worth noting.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Keeping your CFX clean is very easy. The components are easy to clean and don’t require a whole lot of upkeep. For the casual user, cleaning the unit is very easy. Many users say the silicone ring around the heating chamber tends to collect a lot of gunk. Gently scrubbing the ring cleans it right off without any problems. For the casual user, cleaning out the oven and clearing the screens can probably be done once a week using a q-tip. For heavy users, it’s probably best to clean out the oven more often to ensure a quality vape during every session.

Battery Life

The Boundless CFX includes two lithium batteries. The batteries are sealed into the unit and are not user replaceable. However, the batteries do carry a good charge. A single charge can give you roughly 10-15 sessions. I personally am typically able to get around 3 hours of usage per charge.

Keep in mind that the number of sessions you get per charge greatly depends on your heat setting. The more heat you use, the fewer sessions you have with each charge. The unit can be charged in under an hour with the USB cable or wall charger that is included with the CFX.


The Boundless CFX is one of the better vaporizers on the market today. From the quality of the build to the fast heating time, it provides the user with a quality vaping experience with a minimum amount of fuss.

Don’t let the price point of $169 scare you off. For the price, you’re getting a vaporizer that packs a lot of punch. Among the features are: – Great battery life (10-15 sessions per charge)- Fast heating time- Choose to grind or not grind your herb- Quality build that won’t fall apart after a few uses- Conduction/convection heating system that gives a smooth vape If you’re in the market for a vaporizer, you really can’t go wrong with the Boundless CFX.

Where to buy?

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Usage Tips

Tip #1 – Grind your herbs finely

As mentioned before, the chamber on the Boundless CFX can hold up to one gram of herb. One great feature of this vaporizer is you don’t have to grind. You’ll get a great vaping session regardless if you grind up your herb or not. Further, you can also pack the chamber as tightly or as lightly as you want, without affecting the vape quality. The benefit is that you have more control over your vape sessions and the amount of herb you use during each session.

Conduction and Convection Heating

The CFX uses a hybrid of conduction and convection heating. This basically means that the herb chamber heats up first and the heat is conducted up the heating chamber walls. After a while, the air in the chamber reaches a hot enough temperature to vape the herb. This is the convection part of the process. Because the CFX starts with conduction and uses convection to keep the heat at a consistent temperature, you won’t have to worry about your herb burning, but will get a nice smooth vape every time.

Company Information

Boundless is a relatively new company on the block. However from what I’ve seen so far, they are doing a great job of competing with the bigger brands on the market that have been around for a long time.

I’m a huge fan of the entire Boundless line of vaporizers, and I’ve yet to try a vaporizer of theirs that I wasn’t thoroughly impressed with. If you’re looking for a reliable vaporizer company, this is one you should keep an eye on.

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