Atmos has done it again..

The Boss vaporizer pen is among one of the top choices on the market amongst customers. Before picking up this device for myself, I read countless reviews all indicating that the Boss vape pen is a solid little vaporizer. I was very excited to get my hands on this pen vaporizer.

It’s known for producing clouds of vapor matching the Vicod 5G 2nd Generation which is a more expensive model also made by Atmos. The Atmos Boss has a 75 second automatic cut-off, optimizing battery time and conserving herbs. We’ve reviewed tons of vaporizers at iMarijuanit, but this one is hands down one of our favorites.

The Boss has produces excellent tasting vapor in comparison to other similar sized vaporizers. The stainless steel chamber of the Atmos Boss is second to none in terms of pulling very rich flavors and aromas from the herbs of your choice.

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality of the Atmos Boss is unmatched by other models with similar designs. As I already said, the stainless steel chamber produces excellent tasting vapor, and produces some massive clouds of vapor.

I personally was really surprised on the performance of this vaporizer when it comes to vapor quality. It’s a solid little device especially considering it’s size. It out performs most vape pen’s on the market that I’ve personally tried.


At first glance, the Atmos Boss appears to be an ordinary vape pen, with some pretty neat looking designs stenciled on the outside of it.

However in all actuality, the Boss has a unique design that sets it apart from other vape pens. If you’re familiar with Atmos products, the Boss is smaller in width than the Orbit, but bigger around than the RX. The Boss has a stainless steel chamber as opposed to the Orbit’s traditional ceramic style chamber. Which does a great job at vaporizing herbs evenly, and prevents your material from combusting.


The difference in herb chamber design to some people is of little importance, but this is where I think the Boss stands out. it produces really solid vapor quality, which is funny because originally I thought a stainless steel chamber would run high temperature wise. However this was not the case.

Besides the stainless-steel chamber, the boss has other features that set it apart from standard vaping pens.

For instance, it has an automatic heating chamber. What that means, is instead of clicking the button five times or three times to turn it on, and then having the long press it to get it to heat up, the Boss has a feature that starts heating automatically when you press the button three times to turn it on. This just takes out a step in the process, but there are couple of things you need to know about this specific feature to get optimum vaporizing from the Boss.

(see the tips section near the bottom for more information)

Battery Life

The battery life on the Boss vaporizer is really impressive, especially compared to other vape pens. Depending on your usage, the battery will last you anywhere from 2 to 2 ½ hours of steady usage.

It takes between two or three hours to charge, which isn’t too bad. One charge will last me all day, and I’ll usually still have battery life left at the end of the day.

The Boss is designed with an automatic shut off, there will be more about this feature in the tips section at the bottom, but basically it shuts off after 75 seconds, as opposed to most pen vaporizer shutting off after four minutes. This essentially means that you will save a lot more of the battery, but may have to be restarted once or twice to finish your session.


Atmos has done a great job once again. The Atmos Boss vape pen delivers excellent vapor quality, and overall delivers some massive hits of vapor for such a small unit. It produces tastier hits than most vape pens I’ve used. This is a great little unit for anybody looking for a new portable vaporizer pen.

The Boss from Atmos will not let you down, and is a very good purchase to say the very least. Atmos is a very reputable manufacturer, and you can feel confident you’re receiving a quality product when ordering their vaporizers.

Atmos has been around for years. They have a huge following, a happy customer base, and excellent engineers that continue to move the industry forward through innovation. You can rest assured buying Atmos products, as they do not skimp out on quality. I’m a big fan of this company and their products.

Where to buy?

We recommend buying this vaporizer from Click the link below, and you’ll receive a discount on their site.


  • The stainless steel heating chamber delivers solid vapor quality
  • It’s got an stylish design
  • The herb chamber can fit a good amount of material
  • It’s got a long battery life, and is pretty quick to charge
  • This vaporizer doesn’t combust your herbs
  • You do not need to use screens with this vaporizer


  • This unit has an automatic cut-off feature (read the work-around below)

Users have complained about the automatic cutoff been at 75 seconds, stating that they don’t have enough time to finish vaping was a want to vaporize before the cutoff. There is a very easy remedy to this, which I will dive into in detail below in my usage tips.

Do I recommend the Atmos Boss?

Yes, without a doubt.

I recommend this product to anybody looking for an herb pen. This vaporizer is especially good for someone who’s never owned a vaporizer before, since it’s extremely beginner friendly. The Boss by Atmos is one of my go-to vaporizer pens for a reason, it’s a solid little unit.

Usage Tips For Using the Boss

Tip #1Getting around the Auto Shut-Off Feature

One feature I personally am not a big fan of, and something users need to be aware of is the auto shut off feature. Since the vape has a 75 second cutoff time, I’ve ran into issues where my session gets cut shut short before getting my fill during a vaping session. I just wanted to address this directly because there is a very easy solution for it.

All you need to do is turn the unit on again, right after the cut off, and even with the light red, you will still be able to hit like normal. Just think of it like this; the cutoff is in seconds, not temperature. What this means to you, is that the temperature will still be hot enough to produce vapor if you turn it on immediately after the cutoff.

Tip #2How to Ensure Heat Distribution

Always grinder herbs as finely as possible, to distribute the heat evenly while vaping, and allow air exchange. I noticed a huge difference in vapor quality when grinding my herbs more finely. It’s also best to not pack the unit’s herb chamber too tight, since from my experience a looser pack will allow the herbs to vaporize more evenly.

Tip #3How to Get More Usage Out of Each Session

Towards the end of your session, when the herbs start to produce less vapor, hold the unit in one hand and tap it with the fingers of your other hand firmly to shake up the ingredients inside. This will redistribute the herbs, which will allow you to get another two or three tokes.

Tip #4 Keep Your Herb Chamber Clean

Always clean the chamber with the provided cleaning tool. This will accomplish two separate things. It will keep your device clean so that it doesn’t get any bad flavors over time, and it will lengthen the life and performance of your device by reducing resin buildup.

About the Company

atmos logo

Atmos is one of the most popular vaporizer brands currently on the market. They are well known for creating quality portable vaporizers such as the Transporter and the Vicod 5G.

I’m personally a big fan of Atmos, and will continue to buy and test out their products. They never disappoint.