If you are a vaping enthusiast, you probably know Atmos for producing some of the best pen vaporizers on the market. The Transporter is no different in quality to their other models. It features a sleek and stealthy design and it’s also very portable.

On the surface, the Atmos Transporter resembles a small flask making it ideal if your looking for something discreet. This vaporizer is meant for use with dry herbs only and vaporizes them very effectively.

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality on the Transporter is pretty impressive for such a compact unit. It features a 45 second heat up time, which is fast compared to most portables on the market.

The transporter offers a solid vaping experience mostly thanks to its all-ceramic heating chamber, which delivers some tasty hits of vapor. While the vapor quality might not be as impressive as some of the more expensive vaporizers on the market, for the money you get very good vapor production.

Battery Life

The Transporter boasts an impressive battery life, that is much better than what you would ordinarily get from vapes within it’s price range.

In fact, it has one of the longest battery lives we’ve seen on a portable vaporizer to date – which is probably the reason why it’s been trending lately. With the Transporter, you get slightly over 3 hours of great tasting vapor.


If you enjoy discreet vaping sessions, the Transporter is a good pick for you. The Transporter is designed to look similar to a flask so it’s a solid option if your main concern is discreetness.

The bottom of the flask – vaporizer – swivels outwards to reveal the creaming heating unit. It’s a unique design, and one that I really like.

Conversely, the top cap unscrews just like your ordinary flask to reveal the mouthpiece. At just under six ounces, you shouldn’t have any problems fitting it in your coat or pants and carrying it around.

Overall Experience

Overall, the Atmos Transporter easily ranks among the best portable vaporizers for dry herbs and for good reason. It’s not only highly effective at producing tasty hits of vapor, it also comes with a very reasonable price tag of around $110.

The simplistic design and incredible performance make it a solid option, even for beginners.


  • It features a very user-friendly design making it very easy to use
  • The design of this vaporizer make it very discreet looking
  • The Transporter delivers solid vapor quality, and blows most vapes within it’s price range away
  • It’s battery life is very impressive at over 3 hours of use per charge
  • It has a portable design making it great for on the go usage
  • The 45 second heat up time is quite fast compared to most portables
  • It’s very simple to clean


  • It only comes with one heating setting

Reasons Why the Transporter is One of My Favorites

The Transporter by Atmos is a gem. Personally, I’ve never minded being seen in public smoking on some “good-good.” However, you can never go wrong with one of these discreet vapes – the Transporter in particular.

All said, the battery life is way above average compared to most portable devices I’ve used in the past. It also delivers some very impressive tasting vapor. It does a great job of vaporizing your herbs evenly.

Compared to the other portable vaporizers we’ve reviewed, the Transporter is one of the best. Read more of our reviews here.

How to Use the Transporter

Talk about a user-friendly vape. With the Transporter, all you need to do is turn it on, set the single temperature setting on and then wait for roughly 45 seconds before you can take your toke.

Tip #1 – To achieve smoother draws and thorough vaporization with the Transporter, stir the herbs regularly – preferably in between vaping sessions.

Tip #2 – Always ensure that you load the Transporter to the brim by using the packing tool found in the comprehensive package. Only then can you expect satisfactory draws from it.

Tip #3 – Similar to all other vapes, it is paramount to clean your Atmos device regularly. This not only keeps it in mint condition, but also allows it to deliver great tasting vapor consistently.