The Zephyr Ion Vaporizer



Looking for a desktop that stacks up to the Volcano at half the price?

Check out the Zephyr Ion.

The Zephyr Ion is a bag-style vaporizer made by the Zephyr company. It’s similar to the Volcano, with the main difference being the price. The Volcano retails for around 600 dollars where as you can pick up a Zephyr Ion for 359.99$ with free shipping

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Vapor Quality

The vapor production of this vaporizer is outstanding. You have full control over temperature settings with the digital display, so you can achieve your desired vape temperature very easily. I’m a big fan of this vaporizer, particularly for it’s vapor production.

You are able to achieve some impressive vapor quality mainly due to the unique herb chamber design. The herb chamber allows the user to use a very small amount of herbs, while still filling the bag with vapor!

Using the Ion is a very similar experience to using the Volcano, and their vape quality is quite similar. They are pretty much neck and neck in quality, it’s hard to pick a clear winner.

The Ion also comes with a 16 foot bag attachment which is an absolute blast to use with friends, and I’ve personally never used anything else that compares. It’s a truly massive bag, and is so much fun to use with friends!

Build Quality

The Zephyr really is a solid unit. You can tell the company used quality materials when crafting this vape.

The Ion has a matte black finish that makes it a very sleek looking desktop.

It has a really nice digital temperature display which tells you which temperature the vaporizer is set to.

Ease of Use

The Ion is very user friendly and easy vaporizer to use.

It only has 4 buttons including the power button, 2 buttons to control the temperature, and a button to turn on the fan in order to fill the bag with vapor.


The Zephyr Ion is just as good as other comparable vaporizers such as the Volcano and is available at a fraction of the cost.

I would highly recommend this product to anybody looking for a quality bag style desktop vaporizer at a reasonable price.

This company has really done an amazing job with this vaporizer, and we here at iMarijuanit, fully endorse this vape.

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  • The Ion is simple to use and very user friendly
  • It’s fun to use alone, or with your stoner friends
  • You can get some tasty vapor even though it’s a bag style vaporizer


  • The outer case is made out of a plastic like material, where as the Volcano is metal

Zephyr Ion vs The Volcano


Vape Quality

The vape quality on both of these vaporizers is pretty much identical. It’s really hard to pick a clear winner as they truly are quite similar in this regard.



I have to give it to the Volcano due to it’s stylish and classic look. The Volcano without a doubt is the better looking vaporizer.



The Volcano classic is priced at around $479.99 while the Ion goes for around $359.99 retail. So the clear winner in price is the Ion.

Winner Ion

Overall Winner

If I had the choice to buy either the Zephyr or The Volcano, I would pick the Zephyr every time. The only differences I could find were that the Volcano is made to feel more solid and has a slightly nicer finish but that is literally the only difference I could find.

Both vaporizers produce almost the exact same vapor. I tested the vaporizers side by side using the same type of herbs, and the taste was nearly identical when both set the the same temperature.

I really could not see myself buying a Volcano when there is an alternative on the market for nearly half the price which will deliver the exact same result, without hurting your wallet.

Winner Ion

Do I Recommend the Ion?

If your looking for a vaporizer similar to the Volcano at a fraction of the cost, or even if your just somebody in the market for a new vape, the Ion is a solid option. It’s like the Volcano’s younger, more reasonably priced brother.

The vapor quality you are able to get is absolutely incredible and I was blown away considering it’s a bag style vaporizer and they tend to not have the best vapor quality. It’s right on par with the Volcano in vape quality in my opinion.

It’s price tag makes it a very tempting option over desktops like the Volcano and the Herbalizer, which can run upwards of $500! You can pick up the Ion for around $360, and it’s well worth it in my opinion.

Company Information

The Zephyr company only has one unit in their line-up which is of course the Ion. They’ve been tweaking and perfecting this unit over the years, and this vape is one of the main competitors to the Volcano by Storz & Bickel.

The Zephyr company’s goal was to create a product similar to the Volcano but at a slightly more affordable price. They offer a 2 year warranty on the Ion to ensure you are covered if anything goes wrong!