Vapium Summit Plus Review



The Vapium Summit Plus is a portable vaporizer for herbs that packs a serious punch. The Summit Plus by Vapium has quickly became one of my favorite vaporizers to use on a daily basis! It has some pretty amazing features!

I was blown away by the build quality of this vaporizer especially at it’s price point of $149.99.

This product out performs most portable vaporizers I’ve tried to date.

The Summit is an herbal vaporizer with a conduction style heating chamber. The herb chamber is quite large and you can fit quite a bit of herbs to avoid repacking too often. You can fit anywhere between 0.25-0.3 grams per bowl depending on how tightly you pack it.

Look & Design

The Summit Plus isn’t the most visually appealing vaporizer on the market however it’s performance more than makes up for it. This vaporizer is made for grab and go use and has a truly unique design. It has an easy draw mouth piece as well as a stainless steel air path which delivers amazing vapor production.

This vaporizer is very portable making it the ideal vaporizer to be taken virtually anywhere. It’s got a rugged design with a soft outer casing that makes it much more durable than most portables.

Battery Life

One of the best features of the Vapium Summit Plus in my opinion is it’s long battery life. I typically get well over 2 hours of use per charge, which is pretty impressive for it’s size. It’s a great option if you need a portable vaporizer with a solid battery.

It’s above average battery life makes it one of my go to vaporizers for when I’m going on a hike or when I’m out and about and can’t use a desktop unit.

The Summit is also built with an automatic shut off that kicks in after 30 minutes of it being turned on without being used in order to conserve battery life. It also has an LED indicator which will tell you how much battery life is remaining.

  • (○○○○) – 4 White LED lights means you have over 75% battery life remaining
  • (○○○•) – 3 White LED lights means you have around 50% battery life remaining
  • (○○••) – 2 White LED lights means you have around 15% and it’s time to re-charge
  • (○•••) – 1 White LED light means you have only 5% remaining and you must re-charge

The battery indicator is a really nice feature and I’m a big fan of vaporizers that display the battery level. You can be confident that the Summit isn’t going to die on you unexpectedly. Since you always have a rough idea of how much battery life is remaining at all times.

Vapor Quality

Each unit comes pre-loaded with 8 different temperature settings ranging between 330-440°F. You can also finely tune the temperature by using the smartphone app if none of the temperature settings suit your fancy.

The vapor quality of the Summit Plus is incredible. The herb chamber has a great design which allows you to vaporize your herbs evenly every time. I’m a huge fan of the way this product vaporizes herb, it’s one of the best portables I’ve tried as far as vapor production goes. Your able to get some pretty impressive hits off this unit.

The taste is also quite impressive, so long as your using good material. I was very impressed with the flavor I was able to get off my first hit. It’s one of those vaporizers that gives you an amazing tasting first draw.


The Summit Plus is definitely one of the best portable vaporizers I’ve tried thus far, and I’d highly recommend it if your looking for a reasonably priced portable vape that packs a serious punch. The Summit Plus retails for around $149.99 and is worth every dollar in my opinion. It’s vapor quality and battery life are simply unmatched when you take into consideration the price of this vaporizer.

Best Retailer to Buy the Vapium Summit Plus

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Price & Where to Buy?

The Vapium Summit Plus normally sells for around $170, but we’ve found a deal for $149.99, plus an extra 10% off when you use our coupon code. You’ll also receive free shipping, and a gift your order.

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  1. This vaporizers design makes it extremely durable and a solid option for use on the go
  2. The Summit’s herb chamber does an excellent job of evenly vaporizing herbs
  3. It’s vapor quality is very impressive, especially considering the price of this unit
  4. This product is priced at $149.99 and in my opinion is a steal of a deal


  1. In order to precisely control the temperature you need to connect it to a cellphone via Bluetooth

Company Information


Vapium is a company that aims to make durable, rugged portable vaporizers for people who live active lifestyles. Their flagship vaporizer is the Vapium Summit which is a vaporizer that was designed for people who love the outdoors!

They offer a 1 year warranty on all of their products that covers absolutely anything that could go wrong with your vaporizer. In the time I’ve owned this product, I’ve not run into a single issue with it and it still performs like the day I bought it.

Bluetooth Smartphone App

The Summit Plus comes with a smartphone app that connects your phone with your vaporizer. This allows you to finely tune temperature of your vape from your smartphone. I’m a huge fan of this feature as it allows you to have complete control over the temperature, instead of going with one of the 8 pre-set temperatures.

The app itself is very user friendly and allows users to quickly connect to the Summit to their phone, and set it to their exact desired temperature. It’s a lot quicker to set up and get your temperature set than I originally imagined it would be. It barely takes any longer than using the pre-set temperature settings

Do I Recommend This Vaporizer?

If your somebody like me who loves the outdoors and needs a vaporizer that is rugged and durable that can be taken virtually anywhere, the Summit is perfect for you, The Vapium Summit is my first choice whenever I am going on a hike or for a walk with my dog. It’s size makes it discreet while it’s outer shell’s soft design is very durable in case I happen to drop it.

Interested in buying this vaporizer?

Be sure to read more of our reviews before making a purchase.

What Makes The Summit Plus Special?

The Summit Plus has an outer shell that is built to be durable and able to withstand being dropped. I’ve dropped my unit several times and have experimented with being overly rough with this vaporizer and I am happy to report that my Summit was able to withstand all of it. It’s soft outer case gives it cushion and allows it to somewhat bounce if you happen to drop it.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the vapor quality on the Summit Plus is superb. The vapor production you are able to get from this portable will surprise most first time users, just as I was when I first got my hands on it.

The Most Durable Portable Vaporizer on the Market

I’d be willing to go as far to say that the Vapium Summit Plus is the most durable portable model currently available on the market. This company has went to great lengths to create a product that is both durable and rugged.

Very Reasonably Priced Vape

The Summit boasts a very conservative price tag in comparison to similar units such as the Vapir Prima. The Summit Plus in my opinion out performs all other vaporizers on the market around the $150 price point.

Summit Plus vs The Prima by Vapir


The Prima is a portable vape made by Vapir and it’s shape and design is very similar to the Summit Plus. The Prima however retails for $199.99 while the Summit is 50$ dollars cheaper at only $149.99. Their vaporizer quality and features are nearly identical. The Prima features 4 preset temperatures while the Summit has 8.

The Summit also has a smartphone app which allows users to precisely control the temperature of their unit, if they don’t like any of the preset temperatures. The Prima doesn’t feature any kind of smartphone app and you are unable to precisely choose your vaping temperature.

The battery life of both units is pretty much dead even and I couldn’t really say which one has a better battery for sure, as they are very close. The vapor quality on both units is virtually identical which makes sense since their herb chambers essentially have the exact same design.

So for 50$ less you are getting 4 extra preset temperature settings, as well as a smartphone app which will allow you to select your exact desired vaporizing temperature!

I’m not going to say which vaporizer is better, as I don’t want to get any negative feedback from either brand, but I’m sure you’ve been able to make a decision for yourself by now.

Needless to say, I personally recommend the Summit Plus by Vapium to anybody looking for a portable vape. Whether durability is a concern or not, this vaporizer is by far the best portable around the $150 price range, and even out performs more expensive units.