Looking for a concentrate pen that packs a punch?

The Source Orb 4 might just be for you.

The Source Orb 4 is a new vape pen made by Source Vapes. They have been tweaking this model over the years to perfect this wax vape pen. This concentrate pen comes with 6 different atomizers to choose from, and it is quite an impressive little unit.

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The Source Orb 4 looks and feels very similar to other models like the Source Orb XL. However like I said, it comes with 6 different atomizers that all have their benefits.

The different atomizers include:

  • 3 Titanium Double Coil atomizers
  • 1 Titanium Coil-less Atomizer
  • 1 Ceramic Coil-less Atomizer
  • 1 Ceramic Double Coil atomizers

All of these atomizers perform quite well! I myself am a big fan of the coil-less atomizers as I find they produce a more flavorful vapor compared to most Coil style atomizers.

Coil-Less atomizers are a truly unique way of vaporizing and offer much better vapor quality than traditional coil atomizers.

However the coil atomizers, specifically the Titanium ones are great for producing massive clouds of vapor, if that’s more your style. When using the titanium atomizer it can almost be compared to a dab in the sense that it knocks you on your ass and gives you the full effect from your wax or concentrates.

I personally really enjoy vaporizing with the ceramic coils, as I find they produce a very enjoyable and clean tasting vapor. If you’ve never vaporized with a ceramic coil before it is definitely something you should try for yourself.

Vapor Quality

The Source Orb 4 has excellent vapor quality, and some atomizers produce better tasting vapor than others.

In my opinion if your going for flavor, you’ll want to use either the ceramic double coil atomizer or the ceramic coil-less atomizer as they both produce very clean tasting vapor. If your somebody who enjoys getting massive rips, any of the Titanium atomizers will work great for you, as they produce huge clouds of vapor.

Battery Life

The battery life on the Orb 4 is quite impressive especially considering it’s size. This vaporizer has a decently small battery size wise, however you should easily get over 2 hours of batter life per charge.

It has quite an impressive battery, as most vaporizers made by Source Vapes tend to have. They are known for producing vape pens that have solid battery lives.

Ease of Use

The Source Orb 4 is a truly simplistic and convenient little vape pen. To use it is as simple as pressing the power button 5 times, then holding it down to cycle the atomizer.

It’s also very simple to switch from one atomizer to another with ease. They screw on and off very easily allowing you to go between atomizers very quickly.


If your looking for solid a wax vape pen for around 100$, I would highly recommend the Source Orb 4 by Source Vapes. This product has everything I look for in a wax vape pen. The 6 atomizers give you tons of freedom to vaporize your concentrates exactly to your liking. It has quickly became one of my favorite vaporizers, and might very well be the best concentrate vape pen I’ve ever tried.

Where to buy?

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  • This vape pen is quite portable and is a solid option for use on the go
  • It comes with 6 different atomizers, depending on your vaporizing preference
  • The battery life is very good compared to most vape pens
  • Source Vapes hook you up with a couple of goodies such as a dab container and a dab tool
  • The charge time is pretty quick at under 2 hours from dead to full charge


  • Since the unit is metal, certain parts do get a bit warm which is expected with most vape pens

Do I Recommend the Source Orb 4

Without hesitation, I highly recommend the Source Orb 4 to any stoner looking for an incredible wax pen. This vaporizer out performs all other concentrate pens I’ve tried to date in vapor quality as well as battery life.

The fact that this vape comes with 6 different atomizers is in my opinion the biggest selling point. It comes with 2 coil-less atomizers which both provide for excellent vapor quality, especially the ceramic one. It also comes with a couple of double-coil atomizers which deliver massive clouds and the hit off of the titanium one can be compared to dabbing on an e-nail!

If you need a concentrate vaporizer pen that delivers impressive vapor quality, that can also deliver massive clouds, the Source Orb 4 is perfect for you.

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Company Information


Source Vapes is a company based in the United States and they are known for making quality vaporizers, more specifically in the vape pen category.

All of their atomizers come with a 30 day no-hassle warranty, whether they’ve been used or not. Most of the batteries on their products come with a lifetime warranty which is something that not many vaporizer companies are doing.