Introducing the Mighty by Storz & Bickel. It’s pretty similar to it’s younger brother the Crafty.

In this review of the Mighty “portable” vaporizer, I hope to show you all of the pros and cons of this vaporizer.

The Mighty is a portable vaporizer, but it’s one of the biggest portables I’ve ever seen. If you’ve ever seen the Crafty, it looks the exact same almost  except it’s quite a bit bigger.


Like I’ve already said this vaporizer has a very similar design to the Crafty. The Mighty is much larger and feels a bit more solid in my opinion than it’s younger brother.

It has a nice finish and looks very stylish. The only down fall in my opinion with the design is the size.

I personally am a fan of portable vaporizers that fit in my pocket, and the Mighty is not the vaporizer for that. But if your fine with a lager portable, it out performs all of the other portables I’ve ever tried.

Battery Life

The Mighty has a slightly longer batter life than the Crafty does, which is one of the first things I noticed when using it. The larger size obviously has something to do with it. It’s almost impossible to kill this vaporizer within 1 day of use, unless your literally vaporizing for the whole day.

Differences between the Mighty and the Crafty

  • The Crafty is much smaller. The Mighty isn’t a pocket vaporizer at all. It’s more of a home vaporizer without a cord. However you can still transport and store it with ease, so it’s still very portable in that regard.
  • The Mighty has a longer battery life due to it’s larger size.
  • Both vaporizers can be used while charging, but with the Crafty you will need at least 20% battery to use it while charging.
  • The Mighty uses a screen that displays the temperature while the Crafty uses a smartphone app.


I highly recommend the Mighty to anybody who has some extra money laying around to spend on high quality vaporizer. This vaporizer knocks all the other portables I’ve tried out of the water, and it even compares up to most desktops.

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