The Life Saber vaporizer is a new handheld desktop vaporizer that is truly one of a kind. I was very excited to get my hands on this unique new product and give it my honest review!


One of the biggest things this vaporizer has going for it is it’s ability to conserve herbs. It is very efficient in this regard, and I am often surprised at how little herbs are required when using this vape. Believe it or not, with as little as a 0.2g of ground herbs you can easily get upwards of 10 draws.

Hopefully that gives you an idea of the efficiency of this vaporizer.

Look & Design

It is a similar style of vaporizer to the Plenty by Storz & Bickel in that it is a desktop, but is still a handheld unit.

One interested thing about the LSV is that it’s made mostly out of glass. This provides for unreal vapor quality and a clean taste.

The only thing I’m not a big fan of about the glass design is that you need to be decently careful while using this vaporizer. It is pretty durable for the most part but the fact that some parts are made of glass means you’ll want to treat this vaporizer with care.

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality on the Life Saber vaporizer is phenomenal. It’s glass air path provides for a very clean tasting vapor. I am a huge fan of this vaporizer for it’s vapor production, as it delivers some of the best tasting vapor I’ve ever tried.

Another interested thing about this product is that while with most vapes you need to wait until the second hit to get the full effect, while with the LSV you will get a massive hit right off the first draw.

One thing I’m not big on is that the temperature knob doesn’t tell you what temperature your vaporizing at. You have to adjust it and find the temperature setting that works for you. That being said, once you find a setting that you like, you can set it for next time.


I am a huge fan of the Life Saber vaporizer, I truly think this unique vaporizer is perfect for anybody looking for a desktop unit that is affordable and provides a comparable vapor quality to higher end models.

7th Floor has really out done themselves with this product, the glass air path provides is a truly unique vaporizing experience unlike any other vaporizer I’ve ever tried.

At $179.99 retail (less with our discount), this desktop is very reasonably priced when you take into consideration it’s performance!

Where to buy?

We recommend buying this vaporizer from, they have the lowest price we could find online. Click the link below, and you’ll receive a discount on their site.


  • Above average vapor quality especially compared to vaporizers around the same price point
  • The heat up time is very quick at under 1 minute
  • The flavor of the vapor you can get with this vapor is exceptional


  • This vaporizer is slightly delicate since some of the components are made of glass
  • There is no temperature display which is a bit of a pain in the butt

Reason’s to Buy The Life Saber

If your somebody that’s biggest concern is vapor quality, and getting amazing tasting hits of vapor every single time, the Life Saber might just be perfect for you. This desktop boasts some of the best vapor production of any vape I’ve ever used. It’s quickly became one of my go to desktop’s whenever I’m vaporizing at home.

The glass air path provides a truly unique experience to any other vaporizer I’ve ever owned. The taste is indescribable and if your using high quality cannabis the flavor will blow you away!

Reason’s to Avoid the Life Saber

One of the biggest downfalls of this vaporizer is also one of the reason’s it’s so amazing. The glass components make this product decently breakable, and you need to be careful whenever your using it for this reason. If your a clumsy person or you need something durable, the Life Saber might not be the vaporizer for you.

This vape is also lacking a temperature display which can be a hassle if your somebody who likes to vaporize at a specific temperature.

Company Information


7th Floor Vapes is a well known name in the vaporizer industry. They’ve been around for years and are known for making vaporizers such as Da Buddha, the Silver Surfer and also the Super Surfer!

This company is based in Colorado Springs and focuses on providing marijuana users with high performance vaporizers. They never disappoint and their products are all top notch in my opinion. Not to mention all of their products come with a 3 year manufacturers warranty that covers just about anything, so if you have any issues with your unit just send it back!