Galaxy by Kandypens



If you’re looking for a concentrate vape pen that delivers solid vape quality (yes they do exist), listen up.

The Kandypens Galaxy is a quartz coil wax concentrate vaporizer pen that delivers excellent vapor quality compared to most vape pens. Even though this style of concentrate pen’s is relatively new to the market, it has been able to gain quite a bit of popularity from consumers and for the right reasons too.

Its dimensions make it extremely portable, but it performs more like a portable than a pen vaporizer in my opinion.

It’s vapor quality is simply amazing and it’s what sets it apart from other vape pens I’ve tried. The taste you are able to get from this concentrate pen is far better than any other wax pen’s I’ve tried. There is no funky flavor that you often times see with coil style vape pens.

The Galaxy has a sleek and beautiful design that is bound to capture just about anyone’s attention. Beside’s it’s excellent performance and classy look, it also comes with a very reasonable price tag of around $99.95 when purchased from our recommended retailer below! (this isn’t including our discount)

Read our full review to understand why this vaporizer is gaining popularity!

Build Quality

The Galaxy is a very solid vape pen, and comes with an excellent build quality that is sure to last a long time. It’s quartz coil is my favorite atomizer I’ve used on a vaporizer pen, and in my opinion out shines all other wax atomizers currently available.

Kandypens offers a lifetime warranty on this product so you can be sure it will last for years to come, if not just get your money back!


Temperature Flexibility

The Kandypens Galaxy comes with 3 temperature settings that can be easily changed. The 3 temperature settings are:

  • Red (350°F)
  • Green (390°F)
  • Blue (430°F)

I personally recommend the green setting as I feel it is a good mix between good tasting vapor, and also large clouds of vapor!


It’s portability makes it a great option to vaporize on the go! Like with most vape pens, it’s easy to conceal and easily will fit in your pocket.

This product has been the ultimate travel companion for me lately. It’s portability, as well as it’s excellent battery life allows me to take this vaporizer practically anywhere!

Battery Life

The battery life of the Galaxy vape pen is solid and it lasts quite a long time. You can easily get well over 2 hours of consistent usage per charge.

Pro Tip #1 – By vaping on the lowest setting you can stretch the battery life by about 20-30 minutes.

While the battery on this vape might be small, it still out performs most, if not all vape pen batteries I’ve tried to date.

Vapor Quality

One of the biggest things that sets this vaporizer pen apart from the other units on the market is it’s vapor production.The Kandypens Galaxy is outstanding and will satisfy anybody who knows what good vapor quality is all about.

It’s quartz rod atomizer does an incredible job of vaporizing concentrates effectively and efficiently! The atomizer chamber features quartz rods, titanium coils as well as quartz lining which provides for amazing vapor quality. This combination works together to provide a clean tasting vapor without burning your concentrates.

The Galaxy does an excellent job at providing large, flavorful clouds of vapor.

Ease of Use

This vaporizer is relatively easy to use even for a first time user. The only part that requires any effort at all is taking the time to load your concentrates into the heating chamber, which can be difficult depending on the consistency of your wax.

Other than that, like most vape pens, the Galaxy is about as easy as turning on and holding the power button.

Overall Experience

I would highly recommend the Kandypens Galaxy vape pen to anybody looking for a wax vape pen. This unit outperforms most if not all other vape pens I’ve tried with it’s superior vapor quality and extra long battery life. This tiny unit provides thick and heavy clouds of vapor that are unmatched by any other concentrate pens on the market.

We “highly” recommend this product.

Where to buy?

We recommend buying this vaporizer from VaporNation.comClick the link below, and you’ll receive a discount on their site.


  • The atomizer chamber is quite large allowing you to fit quite bit of concentrates for massive hits
  • The overall performance of this concentrate pen is beyond any other vape pens on the market
  • It’s quartz coil atomizer provides amazing tasting hits of vapor
  • This vape pen doesn’t get very hot at all, which is something you see a lot with pen vaporizers
  • It’s design makes you never have to worry about clogging it, and provides for excellent air flow
  • The Galaxy has the best battery of any vape pen I’ve tried thus far


  • This vaporizer pen comes with 3 temperature settings which some people might not like

How it Works

The Kandypens Galaxy vaporizer features a single button and once you activate it, you will see the LED light flash 5 times. Depending on your preference, you have the ability to choose between the provided three heat settings by clicking on the power button three times.

There are 3 temperature settings to choose from, Red 350°F, Green 390°F and Blue 430°F.

Once you select your temperature setting, it will heat the device anytime the user holds down the button. As soon as you click the button, there is no delay what so ever. The atomizer will immediately start heating up and will stop heating once you remove your finger from the button.

It’s a great vape pen to puff on and you can get quite a bit from even small draws.

The products atomizer features a dual quartz rods that are wrapped in titanium coils and the chamber is lined with quartz. It can hold more than enough concentrates to accommodate even the most seasoned connoisseurs.

To charge it, it comes with a standard USB plugin. As with any portable vaporizer it is important to let the battery charge fully to allow the vape to maintain it’s efficiency and overall battery life.

Final Verdict

I’m a big fan of this unique vaporizer pen, and I would recommend it to anybody. I think both seasoned connoisseurs and vapor noobs alike can all enjoy this high performance vape pen. It comes with many great features such as it’s excellent vapor quality and extra long battery life.

It’s quartz design is unlike any other concentrate pen on the market. This product is well worth the 100$ give or take that it costs to purchase, and it’s definitely worth picking up.

Go ahead and give it a try. It’s bound to meet your expectations. Also be sure to read more of our vape reviews to find the perfect vaporizer. At iMarijuanit, our goal is to help you find a vaporizer that best suits your needs.

Company Information

Kandypens is a vaporizer company that’s becoming very popular. They do some very smart marketing and have been featured in a number of music videos including DJ Khaled’s hit, “I’m the One”.

They are known for making some of the highest quality portable vaporizers on the market.