Are you looking for a desktop vaporizer that delivers solid vapor quality at a reasonable price?

This desktop vape might be for you.

The herbalAire H3 vaporizer is 3 generations in the making and I was more than excited to get my hands on it.

This desktop vaporizer has been highly anticipated, and it has finally been released. I’m lucky enough to have gotten my hands on one, and I’m here to say that you probably should get one too.


The H3 has a unique looking design, yet it does look similar to past herbalAire models such as the H2.2.

The H3 is a whip style vaporizer but also has the ability to fill bags of vapor with its forced air system.

This vaporizer stacks up well compared to more expensive desktop models such as the Super Surfer or even the Volcano.

Vapor Quality

The H3 blows many of the other desktops on the market out of the water when it comes to vapor quality. This unit delivers massive amounts of vapor and the flavor is exceptional due to the precise temperature control. The vapor production of the H3 is unmatched for this price. I’ve yet to find a desktop at this price point that compares to the herbalAire H3. This thing rips.

Ease of Use

It’s pretty simple to pick up this vape with no instructions and figure out how to use it. You simply turn it on and select the temperature using the dial, then your vaping. The heat up time for this vaporizer is very quick and is good to go at most temperatures in under 2 minutes.


If your looking to pick up a quality desktop for under $250, then I would highly recommend the H3 by herbalAire. This desktop unit is one of the best I’ve tried, and I personally think it’s under priced. It’s a steal of a deal and a heck of a product.

Where to buy?

We recommend buying this vaporizer from Click the link below, and you’ll receive a discount on their site.


  • This vaporizer delivers excellent vapor quality in comparison to most desktops
  • The herbalAire is a very simple vaporizer to use
  • It is reasonably priced at around $220


  • There’s really not much to complain about with this vaporizer

Do I Recommend the herbalAire H3?

Without hesitation, I would highly recommend the herbalAire H3 to anyone looking for a desktop vaporizer.

While it is’t the most stylish vaporizer on the market by any means, this unit out performs most desktops on the market in terms of vapor quality, and comes with a very reasonable price tag.


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Company Information

herbalAire is a vaporizer company located in Canada, founded by Bohdan Petyhyrycz. They are known for producting quality medical marijuana vaporizers and have been since 2004.

They offer a 3 year warranty on all of their products so you can be sure that if anything was to go wrong, you will be taken care of! However I’ve personally never ran into any issues with any of their products.