Are you looking for a portable vaporizer that does both herbs and concentrates?

Listen up.

The Haze vaporizer is a new vape made by a company called Haze Technologies. It has two chambers, one that is for herbs and the other is for concentrates.

Design & Performance

I personally an a big fan of how this vape looks. It has a really nice feel in your hand and feels solid overall. The performance of this vaporizer is outstanding. It works great for both herbs as well as concentrates. It really is the complete package for a portable vaporizer, and is truly one of a kind.

Battery Life

The Haze  has removable/rechargeable batteries. This is super convenient as you can charge multiple batteries and they give you two of them. The only down side is you can’t use the vaporizer while it’s charging.

The battery life of the Haze is unbelievable. I was able to get over 2 hours of constant usage per charge, depending on what temperature I was vaporizing at. With both batteries combined your looking at over 4 hours of battery life per charge.

The Haze has a 5 minute shut off timer as well which helps to preserve battery life. This only kicks in however if you stop using the vaporizer, so it won’t interrupt your sessions.

Two Chambers

This vaporizer has two different chambers, one for herbs and the other for concentrates. They are separated from one another so only one of them can be used at a time.

The herb chamber has a pretty big capacity and can hold over 0.3g of marijuana. This also depends on how finely you grind your stash.

The design is unique and more importantly works very well. The vapor production is solid with both herbs as well as concentrates.

Vapor Quality

The Haze outperforms most of the higher end portables I’ve tried. It’s right on par with higher end portables such as the Vapir Prima or the Arizer Air. This vape delivers huge clouds of vapor when your using it with either herbs or wax. The vapor production is outstanding and once you find the perfect temperature that suits your liking, you’ll fall in love with this vaporizer.


I’m a big fan of this vaporizer. It’s very unique and unlike any other portable I’ve ever tried. The vapor quality when used with both herbs or concentrates is on par with most desktop models. This vaporizer is a must have for any vapor connoisseur or anybody looking for a quality portable vaporizer.

If your interested in buying the Haze for yourself, click the link below! You will find a discount coupon code at the bottom of the screen for up to 25% off!


  • The Haze is very portable due to it’s size making it a great option for on the go vaping
  • It vaporizes both herbs and wax very effectively
  • The battery life is very solid for such a portable vaporizer
  • The vapor quality with both herbs as well as concentrates is very impressive


  • The dual-chamber design takes a bit of getting used to (there wasn’t much to complain about)