G-Pen Essential Oil Vape Pen by Grenco



The G Pen vaporizer is a classic, it has been around for a couple years now, but it has improved greatly over the years. Our in-depth G pen vaporizer review will show you all the pros and cons to this pen vape.

The G Pen Essential Oil is one of the best oil vaporizer pens I have used and it is one of the better pen vaporizers for oil on the market today.

I bought the G Pen Essential Oil at my local head-shop for 90 bucks (nowadays you can pick one up for around 40$, using the link below). It is designed for concentrates only, not herbs. There are 3 main parts, the mouthpiece, the coil, and the battery.

The Battery

The battery is designed so that you can’t accidentally turn it on, so to turn it on you hit the power button 5 times. I like this idea, it seems to work well. The battery life is pretty good, it lasts me the whole day, it rarely ever dies but if it does it’s normally during my night time session.

The G Coil

The G Coil is a unique style of heating chamber that allows for some impressive vapor production, especially for a pen vaporizer.. I have to say I absolutely love this heating chamber design. The G-Coil chamber allows you to pack good size dabs but you can also make a little go a long way with this thing.

The Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece is one of the better designed mouth pieces I’ve seen on a pen vape. The only downside is that it gets clogged after prolonged use. It is however very easy to clean, you just must buy 99% alcohol at your local drug store and soak it every month or so.

Vapor Quality

The quality of the vapor is pretty darn good for a pen vaporizer and I would say it hits me harder than any other way of consuming concentrates that I’ve tried (including dabs, hot knives, etc). It delivers a very smooth nice tasting vapor.


Overall, the G-Pen Essential Oil is a great vaporizer pen. It is no doubt one of the best performing vape pens on the market in both vapor quality and battery life.

Not to mention it’s one of the cheapest vaporizers available at only $40! You really cannot go wrong in picking one of these vaporizers up if your into vaporizing concentrates. Their well worth the money!

If your interested in purchasing the G Pen for yourself, then click our link below and at the bottom of the screen there is a discount coupon code for up to 25% off!


  • The G-Pen is a very cost effective vaporizer and retails for only 40$
  • It delivers surprising vapor quality, especially considering its low price


  • These vapes are fairly low quality in comparison to more expensive models

Do I Recommend the G-Pen?

If your looking for a cost effective pen vaporizer I would definitely recommend the G-Pen Essential Oil. This vaporizer delivers some very impressive clouds of vapor, especially when you consider it’s low price point. For only 40$ in my opinion you can’t go wrong!

Company Information

Grenco is one of the more well known vape brands on the market today. They are known for the G-Pen, G-Pro and many others.

They are a pretty reliable company, and have an excellent customer support team. I’ve personally dealt with the support team and they are always looking to please the customer.

Grenco offers a 1-year warranty on all of their products including the G-Pen, so you can feel confident buying their products.