Dr Dabber Ghost Review



The Dr Dabber Ghost is a vape pen that I’m super excited about. I’m not usually much of a fan for vape pen’s. While they are called “vaporizer pens”, the reality is that most models on the market don’t vaporize at all. Most vape pen’s feature a wick that burns your concentrates or wax.

The Ghost on the other hand, might be the first wick style vaporizer that I’m a fan of…

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While the Ghost is no different in the sense that it features a wick. It delivers some very smooth and tasty hits of vapor.

It does still burn your material a little bit towards the end of most draws if you hold the button down for a full heat cycle, but overall the vapor quality is very good compared to other vape pen’s I’ve tried.


The Dr Dabber Ghost is very portable and has a sleek look to it. It is very discreet since it is black, and has quickly became one of the first vaporizers I reach for when vaping concentrates on the go!

I personally think the Ghost has a very nice look. It only has one button that is used to turn the vape on and off. To turn on the vaporizer, you simply hit the button 5 times, and to turn it off you do the same thing. The button is also used to activate the wick.

It’s got a pretty similar design to most vape pens, however the vapor production is very solid, especially for a wick style vaporizer.

Battery Life

One main area that this vape pen out performs most pens on the market is it’s battery life. I can typically get well over 2 hours of consistent use with this vaporizer, which is superior to any other vape pen I’ve tried.

Not sure why the battery life is so good on this vaporizer, but if your looking for a vaporizer with a good battery, this might be one worth looking into. I was personally really surprised by the battery life on this vape pen, since vape pens typically don’t have a very long battery life.


Since the Ghost is so small, it makes it a very good option if you need something portable.

It easily can be stored in my pocket, and for this reason I often use my Ghost when I need something for vaporizing on-the-go.

I myself usually am not a big fan of vaporizer pens however the Dr Dabber Ghost has a very sleek design, which is paired with excellent vapor production, making it a vape pen to be reckoned with.

Vapor Quality

In comparison to most concentrate pens I’ve tried, the Ghost pen has some very impressive vapor quality. It’s a wick style vaporizer, so it will sometimes combust your concentrates, especially if you take hits one after another, however it delivers smooth tasting vapor.


If your in the market for a vaporizer pen, the Dr Dabber Ghost would definitely be my first recommendation. It has all of the qualities you look for in a vape pen, and out performs every other model I’ve tried to date.

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  • This vaporizer is very easy to conceal due to it’s small size
  • It delivers excellent vapor quality compared to most wick style vape pens
  • The battery life on the Ghost is above average for a pen style vaporizer


  • The wick style atomizer occasionally will combust your concentrates, especially if you cycle the battery quickly

Do I recommend the Ghost by Dr Dabber?

Absolutely. If your in the market for a new concentrate pen, and you’re looking for something that is both cost effective, and packs a punch, the Ghost might just be for you. I would recommend this product especially if you’ve never owned a concentrate vape pen before, as this is a very beginner friendly unit. Just click the on button 5 times, and then hold the button and draw on the vaporizer; you’ll be soaring in no time.

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Company Information

Dr Dabber is a company best known for producing some of the highest performing vaporizers on the market. They are known for other products including the Boost E-nail. In my opinion they are one of the more reputable vaporizer companies on the market.

They offer a 1 year no hassle warranty on all of their products, so you can feel confident buying their vaporizers.