Did you love the DaVinci Ascent?

Davinci is bringing the fire (metaphorically speaking) with a brand new vaporizer sure to impress.

The Davinci IQ is the third portable vaporizer to be brought to the market by well known and popular manufacturer Davinci, their other products being the Ascent and the aptly named Davinci.

The IQ is their newest foray into next generation vaporization technology. Featuring a brand new design, a larger battery life, and improved vapor quality.

They’ve also added a new cutting edge smart path heating mode, allowing the user to select from four pre-set temperatures that gradually rises twenty degrees before remaining at that temperature. This vape also makes use of previously introduced features such as precision mode (exact degree heating) and boost mode (essentially the vape version of hitting the NOS button on a car) this dry herb vaping device even comes in a choice of colors to suit all tastes.

The Davinci IQ normally retails for $299.99, but we’ve found a deal for $279.99!


Weighing around 145g, the Davinci IQ is a little heavier than some of the other portable devices on the market today, however its shape and overall size still make it quite simple to pop into a pocket, coming in at about 1.65″ wide and 3.50″ tall. In fact, the additional weight only stands testament to this device’s excellent build quality. Its ceramic zirconia innards provide a top of the line experience while the outer finish is smart and stylish.

This unit is good looking and is comfortable to use, with all of its build materials giving off an air of sophistication, this vape does not give off that “mass produced cheaply in China,” vibe that other vaporizers tend to. The IQ comes complete with two ceramic zirconia mouthpieces which have been designed to supply impressive flavor while remaining simple to clean. The recessed mouthpiece allows the user to palm the entire vaporizer completely for better concealment, however the raised mouthpiece is the ideal choice for home use and makes a strong seal against the glass.

This unit also comes with an insert which is called the “flavor chamber”. This sits inside the vapor path, allowing you to load in chunks of dry herb of any kind to infuse flavor, the flavor chamber will be only partially heated, meaning that the flavor is expressed without actually cooking the herbs. The herbs are also coated with vapor which condenses while passing through the flavor chamber. I really found this to be an interesting feature.

This innovative extra addition and enables the user to try using a different type of herb in their flavor chamber such as mint to give their vape a more pleasant taste. The flavor chamber allows the vapor to touch more surface area and cool down before arriving at the user’s lips for a more comfortable experience, and it even helps to make maintenance more simple by absorbing much of the vapor which otherwise would get into the mouthpiece.

Smartphone App

The DaVinci IQ can also be used with the Davinci Vaporizer app which is available for free download from either the Google Play Store or iTunes. The bluetooth app offers users a myriad of ways of controlling their device, including the ability to switch the device off and on, the ability to set a temperature and customize a smart path.

The app also tracks individual usage and updates frequently to ensure proper functionality.

Vapor Quality

The IQ produces excellent vapor quality thanks to the ceramic zirconia components. Its powerful heater produces a dense vapor, it is worth nothing that it is not as easily overpowering as many other conduction devices when the consumer takes several large draws in a row. This efficient device also offers a wide range of temperature adjustment from 250 degrees Fahrenheit up to 430 degrees, and it can reach optimal temperature in just 45 seconds.

There are 2 primary heating options to choose from:

  • Precision mode

This mode allows you to set the temperature anywhere between 250-430°F, and the unit will maintain the exact temperature for the duration of the session.

  • Boost mode

Boost mode allows the user to heat up the herb chamber to a higher temperature while drawing on the device. This allows for very large hits of vapor.

Key Features

  • Ceramic Zirconia components ensure optimal flavor
  • Newly designed flavor chamber is large and offers impressive vapor quality
  • The Bluetooth app allows for a unique vaping experience
  • Intuitive enough for a novice to use
  • Durable and stylish design
  • Can be used discreetly in public
  • Low maintenance device thanks to the smart design


Although the Davinci IQ is a little heavier than some of its rivals, it is still small and compact enough to carry on your person without worry, measuring in at  3.54” tall, 1.65”wide, and  0.94” deep. When used with the recessed mouthpiece, this device is even small enough to palm completely in the hand to make it extra discreet when vaping in public.

Battery Life

The IQ is supplied with a single rechargeable and replaceable 3500 mAh 18650 battery. This gives the device a lifespan of around 3 hours of usage before requiring a recharge. The average recharge for a completely empty battery takes around 3 hours. What’s great about the IQ is that the battery is removable, meaning if you have multiple 18650 batteries you can just insert a new one and get back to enjoying your IQ. I would recommend you buy an external charger and a second 18650 battery so you can enjoy greater flexibility.


This vaporizer comes complete with a single replaceable and rechargeable 3500 mAh 18650 battery as well as the ceramic zirconia flavor chamber, one recessed mouthpiece and one raised, and a USB charging cable. Although it doesn’t come with a spare battery or external charger, these things can easily be purchased separately for an affordable price.


  • Suitable for both experienced and novice vape users
  • Pairs with a bluetooth app for easy adjustment of settings
  • The battery can be recharged as well as taken out and swapped for a fresh one
  • Produces flavorful, cool vapor thanks to the ceramic zirconia components
  • Small enough to palm discreetly in public
  • Low maintenance
  • Precise temperature control
  • Comes with two different mouthpieces


  • Slightly heavier than some other comparable devices
  • Doesn’t come with a spare battery
  • Has no option for vaping with concentrates

Where to buy?

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The Davinci IQ is a high performing conduction style dry herb vaporizer made by a reliable company. Producing excellent vapor and flavor thanks to the ceramic zirconia construction of the vapor path, this device offers the most eclectic collection of temperature options as well as the convenience of a replaceable battery. If you’re looking for a discreet and compact device that has a strong and durable construction and an attractive appearance, the IQ is the ideal choice. It is easy to use, and as it offers excellent user control, it ensures an experience like no other.

Do I recommend the Davinci IQ?

If you’re looking for a great combination of style, impressive flavor, great vapor production and plenty of customizability, the Davinci IQ is perfect for you. I would highly recommend it to anyone who prefers to vape dry herbs rather than concentrates, and who is looking for a well made, durable device with loads of attractive features.

About the company

DaVinci (Organicix LLC) has a mission to make high quality battery operated discreet herbal vaporizers. Organicix LLC was originally established in 2011 and has two separate arms, of which DaVinci is one. They wish to service both the recreational and medicinal markets and as such tend to put a lot of thought into their products.

Their range comprises three well designed, cutting edge models, having released their first vaporizer in 2011. Their second unit, the Ascent, received widespread acclaim when it was released a couple of years later and they are now building on the success of their original DaVinci model with the release of their third product, the IQ which has won awards for its thoughtful design.