The Ascent by Da Vinci Vaporizer




I was lucky enough to get my hands on this vaporizer and let me tell you, this portable packs some serious punch.

Right off the bat the DaVinci Ascent is one of the nicest feeling vaporizers I’ve owned, with it’s sleek finish and light weight design it fits comfortably in even the smallest of hands. The unit surprised me with it’s vapor production, it’s not often you get such good performance from a portable vaporizer.

The Ascent by DaVinci is a portable that vaporizes both herbs as well as concentrates very well! It has solid vapor quality and also boasts over a 3 hour battery life! Back in the day, one of the first vaporizers I ever purchased was the original DaVinci vaporizer, and I’ve been a fan of this company ever since.

Let’s dig into why the DaVinci Ascent is my new favorite portable vaporizer.

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality of the Ascent is outstanding, DaVinci really out did themselves with this portable vaporizer. The device features an exact digital temperature control which really allows you to pinpoint which temperature works best for you. After playing around with the unit for some time I discovered that right around 350°F was best for me. The vapor was very smooth at this temperature.

I also experimented with higher temperatures and even at 400°F+ it still delivered a very nice tasting vapor. I was blown away by the clouds this vaporizer produced. This vaporizer really gives you everything, whether you enjoy vapor that is invisible or giant clouds this vaporizer can deliver both and everything in between.

Battery Life

I was very impressed by the battery life of this unit! It boasts over a 3 hour battery life, which is one of the longest battery lives I’ve seen on a portable vaporizer to date.

My usual complaint for portables is the battery life. Which is why I personally prefer to use desktop vaporizers, but this vaporizers battery life makes it a great choice for anybody like myself. It’s quite hard to kill the battery in a single day of use.


The look of the Ascent is discreet, and its ability to produce vapor that does not smell is outstanding. At high temperatures obviously it begins to smell but anything under 350°F has little to no aroma at what so ever. It is the perfect vaporizer for anybody who needs to keep their hobby a secret.

The vaporizer is obviously manufactured well, as you can clearly tell just by holding it that it is not by any means a cheap vaporizer. It’s smart and sleek design is something any vapor connoisseur will appreciate.

The DaVinci Ascent stacks up well even when compared to more expensive portable vaporizers on the market. It retails for around 270$USD and in my opinion it’s worth every penny. I personally think they could be charging more for this vaporizer, as I’ve spent more on vaporizers in the past and they didn’t come close to the quality of the Ascent.

Overall Experience

My time with the Ascent has been wonderful. It’s a portable vaporizer that delivers vapor comparable to some of the best desktop vaporizers on the market. This vaporizer is better than most portables I have tried to date and I would personally recommend it to anybody looking for a portable vaporizer. You really do get what you pay for with vaporizers and in my opinion it’s worth spending the few extra dollars on this vaporizer.

I hope this Davinci Ascent vaporizer review has helped you make an informed decision on whether this portable vape is right for you! I’m confident you will love this product as much as I do!

Where to Buy?

We recommend buying the DaVinci Ascent from VaporNation. They have the lowest price that we could find online, and offer free shipping and a gift with every order! If you click the link below, you’ll be taken to their website and will receive a discount if you make a purchase.


  • The Ascent delivers amazing vapor quality, that is comparable to that of most desktop units
  • It has exceptional battery life compared to most portable vaporizers on the market
  • This vaporizer is simple to use and it has a digital temperature display
  • The heat up time on the Ascent is very quick


  • The mouth piece is made out of glass so you must be careful with it as it’s quite fragile

Reasons Why I Still Love The DaVinci Ascent – 1 Year After Purchasing it

To this day the Ascent is still one of the best portable vaporizers on the market. It’s vapor quality is well above average and you are able to get some amazing flavor production, especially on lower temperatures. The Ascent’s unique herb chamber does a great job at vaporizing your herbs thoroughly and evenly!  It also does concentrates very well, and it’s wax attachement is quite easy and convenient to use!

The Ascent has fantastic vapor quality for both wax and herbs, and it’s all glass air path delivers smooth and clean tasting hits of vapor, every single time.

The battery life on this unit is still better than 90% of the portable vaporizes on the market, minus a few of the higher end models such as the Crafty. It’s right on par with units such as the Arizer Air. With over a 3 hour battery life, it’s quite difficult to kill the battery on this vaporizer within a single day of use.

How to Use the DaVinci Ascent

The Ascent it very simple to use. It’s about as easy as turning it on, selecting your temperature, waiting around a minute and your good to go! There really isn’t much too this vaporizer as it only has three buttons, the ON/OFF button, and the (+) and (-) buttons to adjust the temperature of the heating chamber to your the temperature.

DaVinci Ascent Tips & Tricks

Tip #1 – My favorite temperature for using the Ascent is 380°F. At this temperature you are able to get incredibly clean tasting hits of vapor and it also delivers pretty big clouds as well!

Tip #2 – A good way to get milky hits from this vaporizer is to draw slowly when taking your hit. This is the best way to get massive clouds of vapor!

Tip #3 – When you vaporizer with the Davinci Ascent at lower temperatures you can conserve the battery life and you can squeeze an extra half hour or so per charge.

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Company Information

DaVinci is a brand that is well known in the vaporizer industry for creating some of the highest performing vapes on the market.

In my opinion they are one of the most reliable companies in the industry, and you can rely on their products to last for a long time.