The Atmos Vicod is a new herb pen vaporizer that was just released, and I was very excited to get my hands on it. This product is an ultra portable herbal vaporizer that allows users to vaporizer their herbs virtually anywhere. This convection vaporizer features a stainless steel herb chamber that produces some massive clouds of vapor!

Look & Design

The Atmos Vicod has a pen style design but it’s technically a portable vaporizer. You have full control over the temperature and you can set it anywhere from 350°to 430°F. It features a digital temperature display which is very handy, that also displays how much battery life your Vicod has remaining.

The herb chamber has a really great design which allows for your herbs to be vaporized evenly.

Battery Life

The Vicod has a pretty solid battery considering it’s small size. This portable boasts over a 1 and a half hour battery life per charge and this can easily be increased if you vaporize at lower temperatures.

Pro tip #1 – If you use the vaporizer at the lowest temperature setting, the battery life can easily be stretched to 2 hours.

Vapor Quality

I was very impressed with how solid the vapor production was on this unit. The Vicod delivers some pretty big hits of vapor and the flavor your able to get is pretty impressive!

As with most vaporizers the first hit off every bowl with the Vicod is very flavorful but not a lot of vapor is produced.

However on the 2nd to the 4th hits you can expect some pretty large clouds of vapor. (depending on what temperature your vaporizing at, around 385°F+ works great for bigger clouds)

Atmos did a good job designing the herb chamber in my opinion. Unlike with most herb pens, the Vicod vaporizes herbs very evenly and you will rarely need to re-position your herbs after a few hits.

Pro Tip #2 – My favorite temperature to use this vaporizer is between 375-380°F. At this temperature you get a great mix of taste while also getting decently large clouds of vapor, which is something I aim for when selecting my vaping temperature.

Ease of Use

The Vicod is one of the simplest vaporizers I’ve ever used. All you need to do to start vaporizing is press the power button and select your desired temperature using the (-) and (+) buttons on the front of the unit.

The heat up time on this portable is pretty quick at around 1 and a half minutes depending on which temperature you select. The higher the temperature, the longer it will take to heat up.


The Atmos Vicod is a very good option for anybody looking for a portable herbal vaporizer. I would highly recommend this product to anybody in the market for a new herbal vaporizer. It’s impressive battery life, and vapor quality set it apart from other vaporizers around it’s price point.

The Vicod retails for only $109.99 and for that price is more than worth it by my standards. I’ve spent a lot more for vaporizers and gotten a lot less in terms of performance and build quality. This vaporizer outshines all other vaporizers around the 110$ price point that I’ve tried, and even out performs some of the more expensive portables I’ve tried.

If your interested in purchasing the Atmos Vicod, be sure to use our link below for a discount and free shipping!



  • Very cost effective and priced at only $109.99 which is well below similar style vaporizers
  • The vapor quality is solid for a portable/pen style vaporizer, and it vaporizes herbs very evenly
  • The battery life is quite good for such a small vaporizer
  • There is a digital temperature display that also displays the battery life as well


  • It doesn’t come with any type of carrying case

(It’s really not a big deal bad but I needed to think of something.)

Company Information


Atmos is a well know vaporizer manufacturer and they have a very impressive and extensive selection of vaporizers! They source all of the materials used to make their vaporizers from quality suppliers to ensure their products are made with only the highest quality materials.

They have been around for many years, and are one of the most popular brands in the portable vaporizer industry. Atmos has over 15 different vaporizer pens in their lineup and some of them are very impressive. All of their vaporizers tend to be very reasonably priced.

Atmos offers a 5 year warranty on all of their products, so you can be sure that your Atmos vaporizer will last a long time, and if it doesn’t just send it back for a new one!

In my opinion the Vicod by Atmos is well worth the 110$ you will spend to purchase it (cheaper if you use our discount link). This pen style portable vaporizer outshines all other models around the same price point in both vapor quality as well as battery life. The performance of this product is exceptional, especially considering it’s price. You won’t be disappointed in this product if you decide to pick one up.

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