Are you looking for a quality portable vaporizer?

The Prima blew our expectations away.

The Vapir Prima is a unique new portable that allows users to vaporize both concentrates as well as herbs and delivers excellent vapor quality in both categories.

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The Prima by Vapir is a high performance portable vaporizer that out performs most vaporizers. This product is one of the best vaporizers I’ve ever tried, period.

Vapor Quality

The Prima delivers solid vapor quality that is unmatched by any portable I’ve tried to date. This vaporizer provides flavorful hits of vapor and can also deliver fat clouds of vapor (depending on which temperature you set it to).

The stainless steel vapor path and all brass chamber provide the user with intense hits of vapor. The vapor production is only comparable to those of higher end models such as the Rise 2.0 or even the Volcano.

Design & Appearance

The appearance of the Prima is unique. I personally really like how it looks, I find it to be a very nice looking device. It looks super sleek, and functions just the same.

The Prima has a pretty quick heat up time at around 1 and a half minutes which is fairly quick compared to other portable vaporizers I’ve tried.

As I’ve mentioned already, the Prima comes with 4 preset temperatures. You have the option to choose at what temperature you wish to vaporize your herbs neatly indicated by the set of LED lights on the front of the unit.

Ease of Use

The Prima is dead simple to use and is one of the simplest vaporizers I’ve tried. All you need to do is turn it on, by using the on button and select one of the 4 preset temperatures by using the function button.

I’ll be honest it’s a bit of a pain in the ass that this vaporizer only has 4 preset temperatures and your can’t precisely tune it to your liking. However I will say that the 4 preset temperatures they’ve went with are all very solid.

Battery Life

The battery life of the Prima is very impressive. I’m typically able to get around 3 hours of consistent use before the battery dies. It has an above average battery life compared to most portables on the market. When taking into consideration the size of this vaporizer, 3 hours is very good in my opinion.

Another thing I really like about the Prima is the airflow. I personally don’t really like it when it’s hard to take a draw on a vaporizer.


The portability of this vaporizer makes it a great option for people looking for a product they can take with them on-the-go. It’s small enough to be placed snugly in a jacket pocket and can easily be concealed.

The Prima is usually my go to vaporizer for when I am out and about. It’s a portable that can be used virtually anywhere due to it’s size and portability.

Overall Thoughts

Overall, I love the Vapir Prima. It was the best portable vaporizer of 2016 in my opinion. You will not find a better vaporizer at the same price point. It’s vapor quality and performance go unmatched by any portables I’ve ever gotten my hands on.


  1. This vaporizer is super portable, making it the ideal choice for vaporizing on the go
  2. The vapor quality on the Prima is unmatched by any portable vaporizers on the market
  3. It has an excellent battery life and the user can expect over 3 hours of usage per chage


  1. The Prima comes with 4 preset temperatures and you cannot finely tune the temperature

Company Information

Vapir is a company based out of the United States that have been leaders in the vaporizer industry since 1997. They were one of the very first vaporizer companies in the vape industry. To this day they still product quality vaporizers that are popular around the world. They back all of their products with a 2 year manufacturer warranty. I’ve personally never ran into any issues with products made by Vapir, and in my opinion they create some of the highest quality products on the market today.

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Reason’s Why I Love The Prima – 1 Year Later

The Vapir Prima is unlike any other portable vaporizer I’ve ever owned. It’s vapor production goes unmatched in comparison to most portable vaporizers that you can currently buy. This vape stacks up against most of the desktops I’ve tried over the course of this year as well which is very impressive.

Believe it or not, my Prima still works just as good  as it did the day I bought it. The build quality and overall performance of this vaporizer really impresses me still to this day.

The battery life is still over 3 hours, which is interesting because with most of the portable vaporizers I’ve owned over the years I’ve noticed their batteries got considerably weaker. With the Prima this is simple not the case at all. The battery is still holding up solid after 1 year of pretty consistent usage.