With different vapes in the market, it could be difficult to tell which are the most suitable for you. Of course each individual has personal tastes and preferences that inform their opinions when choosing a vaporizer and this is what you should capitalize on to ensure you choose a vaporizer that will satisfy your needs.

At first, it appears easy as you may imagine it is only about replacing your cigarette with a pen, but things get more complicated when you go out to buy a kit because the market is already flooded with a wide variety of choices. What makes this worse is asking for ideas from experts, who will bombard you will uncommon terms that you will have to look up.

Instead of all this confusion, read this simple guide that will help you pick the right vaporizer.

There are 3 main types of vaporizers:

Portable Vaporizers

The first category of vaporizers you should consider is portable vaporizers. These are designed to be used when you are not near a plug in outlet, and can be used virtually anywhere since they draw power from a battery. They are the most suitable option for someone looking to use their vaporizer anywhere that doesn’t have a power outlet.

Unless you’re going to be vaping exclusively at home, you may want to consider a portable. They are comparable to e-cigs however they are typically used to vaporize herbs such as cannabis (both by recreational and medicinal users).


Benefits of Portable Vaporizers

  • Their convenient

Like I said previously, portables can be used virtually anywhere. Which makes them extremely convenient. They are very discreet, and many of them look pretty inconspicuous. If people see you using one in public, chances are they’ll assume it’s just an e-cig.

  • For health reasons

Experts argue that vapes are much healthier than smoking. Whether your using marijuana or tobacco, or really any other herbs, your much better of vaporizing if you’re concerned about your health. Vaporizers are much easier on your lungs than smoking.

  • They produce virtually no smell.

Long gone are the days of smelling like a sack of weed after you’ve just kicked a sesh. Vaporizers produce virtually no smoke, and the little odor that they do give off doesn’t smell like burnt weed at all. To me it resembles a pop corn smell (weird I know).

Disadvantages of Portable Vaporizers

Some portable vaporizers have a short battery life, so you might not enjoy long durations of usage without interruptions. However, many higher end models on the market boast very long battery lives, even in excess of 3-4 hours of usage per charge. 

For example, the mighty vaporizer, which is voted among the best, boasts over a 4 hour batter life. It’s worth taking a look at if you’re considering a portable, however it’s got a steep price tag. 

Overall, when buying a portable, you’ll want to invest in a unit that has a good battery life.

You should do you’re own research and be sure to read portable vaporizer reviews before you make a final decision and purchase a vaporizer. 

Desktop Vaporizers

Desktops are vaporizers that draw power from an electrical outlet, and must remain plugged in at all times when you want to use them. They are great for people looking to vaporize in the comfort of their own home.

However since they can’t be taken on the go, they aren’t ideal for everyone.


Benefits of Desktop Vaporizers

  • Better vapor quality

Typically desktop vaporizers deliver better vapor quality than most portables, for a few reasons. They tend to be bigger, so the manufacturers are able to install more components, and often times better components. I personally always opt for desktops, since I almost exclusively vaporize when I’m at home.

  • Unlimited battery life

Since desktops draw power from an electrical outlet, your not limited by a battery. You can use them for as long as you want, and never have to charge it (obviously).

Disadvantages of Desktop Vaporizers

  • You can’t take them anywhere

Since desktops must remain plugged in, and they tend to be quite large; they are not convenient to transport. You’re pretty limited to where you can use them.

The most popular desktop vaporizer on the market is probably the Volcano, which is made by Storz & Bickel (the same company that makes the Mighty)

Vape Pens

The third type of vaporizer is vape pens. These little devices are awesome if you like concentrates, and their is also tons herb pens on the market as well. They are called vape pens because they are shaped like a pen…

Shocking right?


Advantages of Vape Pens

Vape pens come with a better battery life and can take you through a day depending on how often you vape.

  • Cost effectiveness

Vape pens come with atomizer tanks that you can refill or replace at a small cost. Which is much cheaper than buying a brand new vaporizer.

  • Conveniently portable

Portability is another issue you will note about vape pens that is key. Although vapes have better portability, vape pens are also reasonably portable and you can get types that are smaller than box mods.

You can enjoy an awesome vaping experience as there is a lot of volume that allows you to enjoy satisfaction to the highest level, which is unlike vaporizers that give you subpar volumes of vapor.

Disadvantages of Vape Pens

Now that you have seen the benefits you will enjoy when you choose a vape pen, it is also necessary to discuss some of the drawbacks you should expect when you choose this type of vaporizer.

Here are few you need to know about:

  • You will have to cope with the lack of temperature or power control
  • The vapor quality is typically not as good when compared to portables or desktops

Vape pens are a popular choice since they are extremely discreet, and portable. However if vapor quality if your main concern, they might not be for you.

Things to Look For When Buying a Vaporizer

Besides knowing which vaporizers are in the market, you also need to understand some of the most important things you should consider when looking for one. The features highlighted above are not enough to help you choose as all of them offer advantages that you can rely on.

To make it simple to choose a vaporizer that will be ideal for you, here are the main things you’ll want to consider:

  • Functionality

Functionality is where you have to look at all the features included in a vaporizer. Limited functionality might be a drawback that could make your ownership journey an uphill task. One of the things you might be looking for is customization options including things like heat, which is something you will not find in most of the vaporizers available on the market. In case this is one of your priorities, you would most likely choose from box mods as in this category you are more likely to find the customization options you need.

  • Build Quality

Build quality is also a point you might refer to when looking for a vaporizer. You want to buy a unit that is made out of high quality materials.

You also want to look for a vaporizer that has your desired features. Most portable vaporizers will give you temperature customization, but you have different types that lack such features and thus you have to cope with the nuances. It is about getting a fulfilling experience, so you might need to consider every subtle detail that could help you get the best out of a vaporizer.

  • Portability

Many of us would like to have a vaporizer in our pockets to enjoy the experience at different places. This is where the issue about portability comes in. There are vaporizers that are too huge to fit in your pocket and if you happen to carry one the discomfort is plausible. If portability is your priority, you should consider either a portable or a vape pen, as these offer the most portable options.

However, sometimes this advantage comes at the expense of other things like the inclusion of important features.

  • Ease of use

One very important thing beginners miss is the ease of use of a vaporizer and why it is necessary to have this in mind when looking for one. It should be easy to use especially if you are transitioning from smoking to vaping. That is why beginners are encouraged to start with portables or vape pens because they give you room to learn more about vaporizers.

  • What’s your budget?

How much are you planning to spend on a vaporizer?

Your budget also influences the choice you make of a vaporizer. You should choose a vaporizer that is within your budget, mostly vape pens, which are cheaper to acquire and having one is cheaper as you don’t consume a lot.

You don’t just think about the cost of getting a new unit alone, but how costly is it to keep it with you?

As seen above, there are many reasons why you should consider getting a vaporizer. However, this is not to mean these are perfect and don’t have any flaws.

Buying a vaporizer is a key decision you have to make after searching through different types on the market. Most newbies panic at the sight of the many types of vaporizers they have to choose from, but this should not be the case if you narrow your search based on particular points. Your comfort and preferences are a prime point of view that should help you know which type of vaporizer to pick from the many available. Try the guidelines discussed above to see if you can choose the most suitable vaporizer for your needs.