Highest Rated Marijuana Vaporizers of 2018

There are many great top rated marijuana vaporizers on the market. We narrowed our decision down to 4 vaporizers, 2 portable vaporizers and 2 desktop vaporizers.

The Volcano Vaporizer

We had to include this amazing vaporizer to the list, just because of how much of a classic this vaporizer is. It has been around for years, with only slight modifications having to be made over the years. The Volcano is the mother of all vaporizers, and a must have for any vaporizer connoisseur.

This vaporizer is what they call a bag style vaporizer, which simply means the vaporizer fills a bag with vapor. I really am a fan of bag style vaporizers and I would say the volcano is for sure the best one on the market.

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The DaVinci Ascent

The Ascent is my favorite portable vaporizer currently, and for a good reason. This vaporizer has an amazing battery life, and also delivers a hit comparable to the best desktop vaporizers. The makers of this vaporizer have done an amazing job engineering the perfect handheld vaporizer.

What really is impressive about this vaporizer is the price point. Davinci has created a vaporizer that stacks up to the Crafty and many other expensive portables, but is only a fraction of the cost. The price of this vaporizer is only 249.99!

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The Vapir Rise 2.0

One of the most underrated and unheard of vaporizers I’ve tried to date. It is one of the best desktop vaporizers I’ve ever gotten to demo.

This dual functioning vaporizer works awesome with concentrates or with herbs. The nice thing about this desktop is that it functions as a bag style vaporizer but it also has a whip attachment. I really like being able to go between using the bags and using the whip, it makes vaporizing with this vape super enjoyable! It also makes this the ideal vaporizer if you are smoking with other people.

My friends absolutely love coming over to use this vape. You can pass the bag around, and someone can use the whip at the same time. A really a enjoyable product all around.

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The Arizer Air

The new vaporizer by Arizer is the Air. This is the first vaporizer Arizer has released in a few years so I was very excited to try it out.

I must say that it totally lived up to all of my expectations, and will be receiving lots of regular use.

It’s got a great battery life, and lasts for hours of use. You can easily get multiple sessions per charge cycle. It delivers a great smooth vapor with amazing flavor.

I really liked the fact that the vaporizer has 5 temperature settings. You can really pin point the perfect vapor temperature for you taste. It also has a very discreet look to it, and it is a sleek looking vape. The vaporizer just feels solid when you hold it and I would expect it could take a few drops without breaking. I was overall very impressed with this vaporizer, it definitely makes it onto the list of the top rated marijuana vaporizers.

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