Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to intensify your high?

If you are reading this, obviously you are looking for some tips and tricks on how to get higher when smoking weed. Well, you have come to the right place! We have carefully conducted the research and experimentation in order to bring you the answers you seek.

The high from cannabis comes from the cannabinoids present in your herb, like THC for example.

When these cannabinoids enter the body, they travel via the bloodstream and eventually hit particular receptors in the brain. This encounter and the neurotransmission reactions are what produce the effects. The amount of cannabinoids in the body, as well as the speed in which they travel to the brain, dictates how high you get when smoking weed.

In this article, we will talk about a number of tried and tested techniques as well as some things to remember that will help launch you higher during your next smoke sesh!

Smoking Techniques to Get Higher When Smoking Weed

Tip #1 – Try switching your method of getting high!

This one should hopefully be common sense for most people, but it is still very underestimated. Everybody has a device or smoking method that they usually stick to. You should try switching it up, and using a different device or method to smoke. Your body will eventually build up a tolerance to different methods if you don’t switch it up.

I personally usually use a pipe, but when I switch it up and use a bong or smoke a joint, I notice I get much higher than normal.

Here are some methods to try out the next time you get high:

  • Standard bong or bubbler – Allows you to inhale a much bigger, smoother hit due to the water filter and cooling.
  • Gravity bong – Allows you to inhale massive hits with minimal inhalation effort.
  • Pipe – No potential for THC to get trapped during the filtration process as with other methods.
  • Vaporizers – Allows you to heat the herb to an optimum temperature, therefore not destroying the psychoactive chemicals in the cannabis.
  • Edibles – Eating marijuana gives you a totally different high. It’s much longer (sometimes upwards of 8 hours) and is more of a body high.

Tip #2 Always inhale deeply

As mentioned, effective inhalation is a crucial factor in determining how high you will get. Unfortunately, there are an unbelievable amount of people that are just not maximizing their inhale and are therefore wasting their time, and more importantly, their ganja!

The most common mistake is not inhaling the smoke into the lungs. When hitting a bong, pipe, vape, etc. it is important that you breathe the THC-filled cloud into your lungs for it to sit before exhaling again.

Tip #3 – Find a Strain of Marijuana With a High THC Content

There are three main variations of marijuana strains; Indica, Sativa, and a hybrid of the two. Each of these variations brings a different experience to the smoker. Indica’s are known to be more relaxing and good for anxiety, whereas Sativa’s are considered more energetic and at times ‘trippy’.

Find the strain that gets you to where you want to go and enjoy the ride.

Tip #4 – Grind Your Weed

Grinding up your weed nice and fine has many benefits. Firstly, it packs together much more neatly and allows for an even roast from the heat source. This finely ground, and evenly packed, weed will produce much smoother smoke, giving you those bigger and better hits.

Many grinders also come with a chamber for catching the potent fairy dust, known as Kief.

Introduction to Kief and Dabs

Kief is the name given to the extremely fine THC trichomes that detach from the weed as it gets ground up. In other words, it’s very concentrated THC powder. Sprinkle some of that on your bowl and you’re off!

Dabs are an extracted version of THC, as an oil form. This is also very concentrated, so it is very easy to get blasted off into the galaxy when adding this to your smoke.


More Methods to Getting Higher

Eat mangoes!

Mangoes contain myrcene terpenes. Research shows myrcene intensifies the high and makes it last longer! Yeah, science!

Myrcene is a compound that can be found in various fruits, as well as cannabis. Prior to enjoying your next toke, try indulging in a mango or two.

The myrcene from a mango combines with the cannabis’ myrcene and actually helps move the THC to your brain faster and more efficiently, resulting in a more intense high with prolonged effects.

Try smoking blends and combinations

Depending on the current laws in your country, you may be able to buy or create your own smoking blend. Kratom, a natural herb native to Southeast Asia, is used around the world for various medicinal and recreational reasons, similar to cannabis.

This herb produces its own positive effects on euphoria, anxiety, sleep, pain.

Making it a perfect choice to partner with some Mary Jane.

Other smokeable herbs exist that have been reported to provide an extra boost to a cannabis high. Herbs such as Damiana, Wild Dagga, Blue Lotus, Tobacco, Passion Flower, and Kanna are just a few of the common ones, each bringing something different to the experience.

Although not recommended or necessarily enjoyable, small amounts of alcohol when smoking weed has been known to add an intense flare to a smoking high. This experience can be very subjective, however, and may be unpleasant for some.

You can also try mixing your strains of marijuana. By adding different cannabinoids to your bowl or joint, you will no doubt get higher. Each strain of marijuana contains different cannabinoids, and each of them has a different effect.

Change your scenery

Believe it or not, changing the environment you are smoking in can boost you higher.

For example, if you normally smoke inside, then try smoking outside in nature. This may open you up to a whole new level of consciousness. (I realize this sounds like something a hippy would say, but just trust me and try it!)

Try smoking up post-workout

Purely from various anecdotal reports, many people report feeling an increased high if they smoke up following a rigorous exercise session. You will also benefit from the muscle relaxing qualities of some good chronic!

I can say from experience that I usually get highest after I’ve just finished a workout.

(I often use this as my motivation to go to the gym)


Smoke less often, or take a tolerance break

I’m sure nobody wants to hear this but it’s almost a guarantee. If you smoke less frequently or take a break for a period of time, the next toke you have will be a memorable one!

Tolerance breaks can be extremely effective if you want to get higher when using marijuana. When you use marijuana on a daily basis, your body will build up a tolerance. Try taking a few days or a week+ off, and see your tolerance drop. You will undoubtedly get higher when you come back from your break.

I personally take a 3-5 day tolerance break at the end of every month, to keep my tolerance low enough to get high every time I smoke weed.


As you can see, there are so many different techniques you can try to help get you higher when smoking weed. To ensure you have the most success, you can easily combine any of the ideas we discussed in this article.

An important thing to remember is to stay hydrated and if you intend on increasing your cannabis high, do so in a safe environment and only to a level that you feel comfortable.

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