The Source E-Nail is a new portable e-nail made by Source Vapes. It is an enail and a water pipe built into one portable package.

Long story short, this thing rips! We’ve had the pleasure of using this product over the last few weeks, and the whole crew has fallen in love…


This e-nail has a similar the design to the Cloud V Electro but in my opinion has a better look. It is also slightly more portable as well. The Source Nail is essentially a portable style electronic nail with a built in water pipe.

It has a very portable design and for this reason this e-nail can be used virtually anywhere! It can fit in your pocket no problem so it is perfect for people who like to dab on the go.

The Source Nail e-rig has a unique design that sets it apart from other e-rigs on the market. It has an ultra portable design and also provides amazing vapor production!

Vapor Quality

The Source Nail delivers massive clouds of vapor. I highly recommend this product for it’s vapor production. It delivers a very flavorful and enjoyable vapor.

You can control the temperature of the Source Nail to suit your liking as it has a built in temperature control! This makes it simple to finely tune the temperature to your preferred vaporizing temperature. The user has full control, unlike with most e-rigs which come with preset temperatures that limit the user to a few different settings.

Battery Life

This portable e-rig has an exceptional battery life especially considering it’s portable size. You can easily get over 2 hours of battery life per charge, and even longer if you use it at a lower temperature.

I think the battery life is very impressive, and compared to most e-rigs on the market that is quite high. When you take into consideration it’s size, I’d say it has the most impressive battery life out of all of the portable e-rigs I’ve gotten to test out over the years!


If your looking for a portable, high quality and unique e-nail, I would highly recommend the Source Nail vaporizer.

This product is the perfect portable e-nail. It’s small size makes it a very good option if your looking for something portable, and it also has incredible vapor production. So it really is the best of both worlds in my opinion.

If your in the market for a portable e-nail, this might just be the product for you. We’d also recommend the Source Nail if your looking for a vaporizer for concentrates. This product is better in my opinion than most concentrate vaporizers on the market within the same ball park of it’s price point (it’s priced at 200$).

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Company Information

Source Vapes is a vaporizer company known for producing some of the highest quality vape pens on the market. They offer lifetime warranties on most of their products.