Cannabis has captivated the hearts and minds of many people over the years, with either positive or negative views on the substance. It has always been a contentious subject, and rarely has common ground been found on matters surrounding cannabis as the interests of the authorities and consumers of this product differ greatly. Most people are brought up with the notion that cannabis and its products are made illegal due to a perceived negative societal impact, something that makes them dread the thought of even coming close to anything containing the “nefarious” THC. Over time, as one is exposed to more and more information regarding cannabis products, they may become curious about the experience of cannabis but be unsure about the right way to find it legally. Luckily, we have come up with an extensive overview of the details concerned with how and where to buy cannabis products legally.


It is essential to understand that laws vary across countries and even states in the United States where state authorities have the power to pass regulations concerned with the consumption of cannabis products but it is worth noting cannabis is still illegal federally.. Before you even think of buying cannabis products in your area, try and find out what the law says about them. You may be sweating about the legality of your actions, yet cannabis products are fully legal in your area. On the other hand, cannabis may be considered illegal, and you have to risk being caught up by the long hands of the law by purchasing these products. Either way, understanding what the statutes say about this matter is imperative in your quest for cannabis products. The good news is that in recent years more states have allowed some form of marijuana products to be sold by some specific retailers. Be sure to search up your state or country’s laws before furthering your search for marijuana products.

Marijuana Dispensaries

Many states have now fully legalized cannabis for recreational consumption. Most of the states that have legalized the sale of cannabis products do it through retailers known as dispensaries. Buying cannabis products is not the same as buying chips and chicken from your local 7/11, you will be required to show your identification that you are of legal age to purchase and consume these products.

The rules governing the operation of these dispensaries are stringent and screening of customers is taken seriously. The rules are simple; if you have no ID, you won’t be allowed in the dispensary. Some states allow one to use their driver’s license or passport for people coming from outside the country. Typically, only government issued photo IDs are considered valid forms of identification.

Once you set foot into the dispensary, you will have to be a bit patient and wait for an attendant, as these places tend to be very busy due to the fact that cannabis is an extremely in demand product. Some of them have waiting rooms where you wait for the next attendant to be available while some allow you to browse through the storefront while waiting for next available attendant. These attendants, dubbed budtenders, are ready to give you the best customer support and you will have to engage them and explain what exactly you want from your marijuana. Marijuana comes in many different potencies and strains, so explaining carefully to your budtender what kind of experience you enjoy most is pivotal to receiving a strain of marijuana suitable for your desired effect. Certain strains are more likely to promote relaxation or help certain ailments than others. Budtenders are typically very open minded so inexperienced cannabis users have nothing to lose by showing their naivete and learning how their marijuana experience can be tailored to their individual tastes.  There are several cannabis products on sale in such dispensaries, and you may not have an exact idea of what you want.

Since these dispensaries are dedicated cannabis sales points, it is common to be overwhelmed by the strains of marijuana on sale. They are available in various forms, from dried flower to powerful concentrates, and even in things like medicated lip balm or special brownies. Keep in mind that there are regulations on how much you can buy in a single purchase, and you should always adhere to these rules.

The law is currently very restrictive towards dispensaries and most of them will only accept cash payments, and some banks won’t do business with dispensaries at all. It is important to call ahead and find out the mode of payments accepted to avoid any surprises when you get to the store. There are strides being made to be able to offer credit card processing for CBD oil products, as CBD oil has little psychoactive properties to it but helps many patients immensely with issues ranging from anxiety to epilepsy. Aside from that, some dispensaries may have loyalty programs and offers for customers who buy cannabis products regularly from them. Watch out for these offers as they might help you get extra product if you are qualified for the discount.

Finding The Right Dispensary

It has been mentioned that cannabis dispensaries are the best way of buying it legally. However, you should not assume that all of them follow the same standards of quality and commitment to the customer. There are several of them to choose from, and you should do some research to ensure that you are dealing with the right people, as some people are merely trying to cash in on the “green rush” currently sweeping the nation, with little to no regard for actually providing a quality service. Keep in mind that even though you are buying cannabis legally, some laws still govern the consumption of this product, such as how much you can carry on your person or in your car and where you can consume it. Before going to a dispensary, you may want to ensure that it is appropriately licensed.

Buying your products from an unlicensed dealer may land you in trouble since you will be buying cannabis illegally, a legitimate looking storefront is not always enough to ensure you are dealing with people who are actually licensed to sell cannabis products.

You should also make a point of checking out what people have to say about a particular dispensary before going over to make your purchases there. Some dealers may take advantage of the strict laws governing the sale of cannabis and charge exorbitant prices for the products or even offer substandard cannabis to customers knowing they have very little recourse or other options available to them.

It is vital to find a dispensary that has a variety of products to choose from and staff that is knowledgeable in the effects of these products. Marijuana has been processed into several different forms, such as edibles of all shapes and varieties, liquids or balms, concentrates, to even comical items such as lube. It is horrible having to wait for several minutes in a cannabis dispensary only to find them missing the product you were looking for.

The other point of concern is that you need to make sure that you are being offered the right cultivar or rather strain of cannabis. Most people do not know how to properly identify cannabis and many dispensaries take advantage of that, expecting you to take their word for their claims of potency and strain genetics. Doing some research on the web is crucial before stepping into a dispensary. Usually, different cannabis strains are characterized by their color, odor, size, or similar defining characteristic. Some people use cannabis products for medicinal purposes and getting the wrong strain might not provide them the relief they were looking for.

No longer does cannabis products have to be done in the dark alleys with eyes over your shoulders all the time, unsure if you’re going to receive a quality product. You can reliably purchase these products legally at a verified dispensary and stroll home without worrying about the authorities. These dispensaries give you a pleasant experience especially when you get into the building and meet the strong smell of cannabis. Often times the customer service offered by these dispensaries rivals those of even the most prodigious big box stores. It is common for many people to feel nervous and anxious about this as they may be buying it legally for the first time in their lives.

Well, the future is now, and you can buy cannabis legally and quickly at a dispensary near you. By using apps like Weed Maps you are able to find marijuana dispensaries near you within a few minutes at the touch of a button.