Legalization is coming sooner than we may think. Marijuana is now legal for recreational use in 5 US states including the nations capitol Washington D.C.

The United states is a very influential country, and the majority of 1st world countries laws around the use of cannabis stem from the United States drug policy. It is very hypocritical for the United States to not allow other countries to legalize marijuana for recreational use and then turn around and legalize it in their own backyard. The United States is now faced with a decision that they will have to make sooner than later. They have 5 states who have voted in legal recreational pot, they cannot simply just ignore what the citizens have voted in. They will soon have no choice but to legalize. The United Nations is now starting to pressure the US to solve the problem as the laws that they have implemented are in direct violation of international conventions around the world. Also we have to remember that the United States created the UN and essentially created the laws around drug policy that they are now in direct violation of.

Once enough states legalize marijuana for recreational use the federal government will have no choice but to put it to a vote, and it is pretty clear what citizens of the United States think about marijuana, they love it. Here are my predictions for the next states to legalize marijuana.

The next 8 states to legalize marijuana


The founding state of the medical marijuana program. Californians are expected to vote in legal marijuana for recreational use in 2016 with the help of the marijuana policy project.


This year amendment 2 was very successful in many ways. The vote received 57.5 percent but unfortunately the vote needed a 60% majority to pass. There is expected to be another vote in upcoming years, but no word of a date has been given.


There has been a lot of talk that Michigan will be the first state in the Mid-west to legalize marijuana for recreational use. Marijuana is currently decriminalized on a state level in Michigan.


Marijuana was successfully decriminalized in Maine and is treated like a minor traffic stop. Many supporters believe it could be the next state to legalize for recreational use.

New York

The compassionate care act was signed earlier this year by Governor Cuomo. They have also decriminalized marijuana possession of under 25 grams. Recreational marijuana is expected to be put to vote in upcoming years.


If law makers to not decide to legalize in 2016, there is an initiative that will be launched by supporters that will attempt to legalize recreational marijuana.


Even with the most restrictive medical marijuana  programs in the country there is much hope that in upcoming years the law makers will adopt changes.

New Mexico

The issue of a tax regulated pot market is set to go before state law makers in 2015.

Legal Marijuana States

It should be mentioned that recreational marijuana dispensaries have already been legalized in the following states:





There are many more states with legalization movements in the works!

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