The miniVap is a vaporizer made by a brand called Hermes Medical. It is one of the more expensive portables on the market, but it is also they highest quality for many reasons. Check out our miniVap vaporizer review to find out why!

Design & Quality

The Minivap combines technology, design and quality to deliver a wonderful hybrid product that can be used as a desktop or portable vaporizer. Honestly, it’s quite large compared to other portable vaporizers but you can be sure that the product engineers at Hermes Medical new what they were doing.

The large size allows Minivap to apply convective heating system to deliver a gentle evaporation process. I think it still looks and feels good in the sleek aluminum casing that comes in different color choices. It’s amazing how it can be very hot inside the unit and you will not notice at all by holding this unit. One big issue these days with portable vapes is that they sometimes get hot to touch after heavy use, you won’t find this problem with the MiniVap.

A full spec Minivap package should include a battery, heating compartment, lid, spare screens, a pair of silicon tubes, two mouth pieces, two cleaning whips, and a charging port.


Minivap may be relatively pricey compared to other vapes in the market. The higher price is understandable given the products quality, design and the overall package. Depending on where you get this vaporizer, it will run you anywhere from 550$-800$. We found the best deal over at VaporNation with free shipping!

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Easy to operate

The Minivap’s unique design and functionality makes it very easy to use. After you have charged the battery for about 3 hours, connect it to the vape unit and press the plus and minus buttons on the casing side to turn your Minivap on. Two lights will come on; the back light indicates the battery level and the front light shows the desired temperature. You can use the buttons to raise or lower temperature as you desire.

When you are adjusting temperature, ensure the front light has stopped blinking to confirm the device has reached the desired temperature. The Minivap takes longer to heat up than some other vaporizers, but once the desired temperature is reached, it can be used for up to 10 minutes before reverting to the lowest temperature and eventually cool off after 20 minutes.

A mesh screen that comes with a Minivap package helps to burn waxy concentrates in the vape. However, you might need to use the highest temperature settings to get a quality vapor from some waxy concentrates.

The front light temperature settings help set the desired temperature for burning herbs.

  • Blue/190C/374F
  • Pink/200C/392F
  • Green/210C/410F
  • Red/225C/437F

Battery Life

The Minivap’s battery can last you quite long particularly if you don’t use the maximum temperature setting. Regularly check the back light battery level indicator to avoid being inconvenienced.

Green – lasts up to 180 mins

Orange- lasts 60-90 mins

Red – lasts up to 30 mins

You can use Minivap while it’s connected to the charger, in case you have to, which is a nice feature that many vapes don’t have. But there is no need to do so if you charge the battery regularly.


I can honestly attest that Minivap is the best vape I have used so far. The first time I held it in my hand I knew the weight and the design definitely say something about its quality and indeed I was right. I am a huge fan of this unit. It was quickly became my daily go to vaporizer.