Have you ever wanted to make weed butter? 

There’s now a machine that makes the process as easy as making a pot of coffee.

Smoking weed isn’t for everybody, and vaping isn’t always ideal either. Many people who are using marijuana these days, are choosing edibles as their method of choice.

If you want to save money on pre-packed edibles or just enjoy the fun of baking your own, you’ll love the MB2.

This all-in-one extract maker is capable of producing cannabis-infused oils, tinctures and butters in just a couple of hours. It’s ideal for anyone who can’t wait to serve up their next batch of special brownies. Since buying edibles is pretty expensive, and making your own butter or tinctures at home is a time consuming and difficult process, this machine is the ideal solution.


The Magical Butter MB2 device looks surprisingly similar to a standard electric tea kettle, made from stylish aluminum apart from it’s plastic lid which is heavy duty for extra robustness. The lid has an LED indicator ring, buttons that control the unit and inside you’ll find the blender motor. You’ll also find the heating element tucked away in the lid together with all of the control and timing electronics.

This makes for a convenient and compact all-in- one package that will easily fit unobtrusively and discreetly into any kitchen without raising too many eyebrows.

The control panel is mounted onto the lid and offers five different program options:

  • 1 hour cycle to make cooking oil
  • 2 hour cycle which is great for making infused butter
  • 4 hour cycle which extracts tinctures
  • 8 hour hour cycle for extra strong tinctures

There is also a self-cleaning function which makes the unit very low maintenance and simple to clean.

You certainly won’t be disappointed in the quality of the design of this convenient multi-functional device. It’s performance is guaranteed thanks to the microprocessor regulated programmed series and the temperature level control which is of laboratory quality.

Ease of Use

Anyone who has ever tried to make their own infused butter will agree, the process can be a pain in the butt, and time consuming.

The MB2 makes the process incredibly simple.

If you want to make canna butter, all you need to do is get four to eight grams of bud or shake and a pound of butter, and put them both into the Magical Butter. Put on the lid on and select the 2 hour timer.

The machine will do all the hard work for you.

It will blend your herbs, and infuse the butter with your cannabis. All you’ll need to do while the unit is in-use is find some way to occupy your time for 2 hours while your waiting.

Once the unit is complete, it will make a noise alert to notify you that it’s complete. Simply put on the glove that they provide you with, and pour the hot butter through the strainer into a dish or Tupperware container. Then just put the container into the refrigerator or freezer and wait for it to harden up.

It’s that simple.

Making tinctures and oils is equally easy. Just pop a few handfuls of nugs into the bowl, add your extracting agent and select the right program by pushing the button and you’re good to go.

Key Features

  • 4 timed programs to choose from
  • Makes butters, oils and tinctures with ease
  • Quick running cycle ensures you can make cooking oil in just an hour and butter in two
  • User-friendly controls suitable for beginners
  • Noise alerts when the cycle is finished
  • Self cleaning cycle for extra convenience
  • Low maintenance device
  • Included strainer bag and heat resistant glover

Cleaning and Maintenance

If you’re worried about cleaning up afterwards being a pain, there’s no need for concern since there is even a self-cleaning function.

Simply fill up the jug with regular tap water, add a squeeze of dishwashing soap, pop the lid back on and select the Clean setting. The cycle will run and then once it is completed, just rinse it out and all the hard work will have been done for you.


As this handy gadget looks very similar to a standard piece of kitchen equipment, and is surprisingly similar to a regular tea kettle, nobody is going to take a second look at this smart aluminum device on your countertop.

It’s discreet enough for use in any kitchen. (just be sure to take the stickers off of it)


This device comes with a reusable strainer bag for added convenience so that you can simply strain your butter ready to go.

It also comes with a handy glove that is heat resistant which is pretty necessary since the unit gets quite hot. When your butter is done, it’s extremely hot and can burn your skin very badly.

Be sure to wear the glove when emptying the unit, it’s included for a reason.


Anyone who is looking for a quick and easy way of making infused oils, tinctures and butters will love this all in one device which will revolutionize making edibles. There’ll be no more labor intensive working in the kitchen – you simply add your ingredients into the device, turn it on and leave it to work it’s magic.

If you’re looking to make infused butter, tinctures or oils, this device is a must have.

I “highly recommend it!

Price – Where to Buy?

The Magical Butter normally sells for around $200, but we’ve found a deal for $179.99, plus an extra 10% off when you use our coupon code. You’ll also receive free shipping, and a gift your order.

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  • Simple to use, even for a complete novice to making infused butters
  • Easy to understand controls and four separate programs for extra versatility
  • Comes complete with a straining bag for extra convenience
  • Produces good quality infused butters, oils and tinctures with little effort
  • Reduces the cost of buying edibles or concentrates
  • Discreet appearance means it will fit seamlessly into any kitchen
  • Much faster production than doing the job manually yourself
  • Easy to maintain device has a self-cleaning cycle for even easier use
  • Less noticeable odor than when producing concentrates by hand


  • Quite noisy to run
  • It’s slightly time consuming, but then again, so is making butter or tinctures by hand.

Do I recommend the Magical Butter?

I have absolutely no hesitation at all in recommending the Magical Butter to anyone who likes to make their own edibles and who is looking for a quicker and easier way to do so without clean-up. There really is no easier way to prepare infused oils, tinctures and butter. Also since it’s self-cleaning, you don’t have to worry about washing everything up after use.

With it’s low odor production and discreetly stylish appearance, there really is very little not to like about this gadget. The only downside is the noise that it makes while running, however this really isn’t a huge issue for me. While this gadget doesn’t come cheap, it could save you a fortune over time instead of having to buy concentrates or ready made edibles.

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About the Company

MagicalButter is a company which has gained a solid reputation for it’s high quality kitchen gadget, the MB2. The inspiration for this device came from a discussion about how someone with Crohn’s disease who was allergic to smoke to create edibles in an easier and more effective way, and MagicalButter was created.

They also have an excellent customer service team who are dedicated to making sure that their customers are completely satisfied with their purchase and who are always happy to help.