WISPR 2 by Iolite



The WISPR 2 is solid little vaporizer made by Iolite. This unit is one of the best portables on the market today. It’s lightweight and portable design makes it a great option for vaporizing on the go.

The Iolite WISPR 2‘s performance in vapor production is really solid. Iolite has done an amazing job designing the second version of the WISPR.

Vapor Quality

This vaporizer has some of the best vapor quality I’ve ever gotten from a portable vaporizer. It’s temperature stability also sets it apart from other units.

The somewhat higher temperature allows it to produce denser, smoother vapor than the previous model. The air pathway on this model for the most part is made of silicone and it allows for incredible vapor production.

Pro Tip #1 – Use purged butane. By doing this the temperature will be extremely steady, and you will also get best quality to the vapor. The company highly recommended that I use purged butane only.

Fast Heat-Up Time

The Iolite WISPR 2 vaporizer has one of the fastest heat up times of any vaporizers I’ve tried. It heats up to it’s standard temperature of around 410°F in under 30 seconds!

The butane heating system allows this unit to heat up faster than most vaporizers on the market, while also producing some massive clouds of vapor.


The WISPR 2 has a discreet looking design and the unit also comes in many different colors. The design allows for the drawing stem collapses into the unit, so it’s less detectable and also fits nicely in your pocket.

The only drawback is it makes a slight noise when it’s heating up. However besides the slight noise this vaporizer doesn’t produce hardly any odor at all which makes it nearly undetectable.

No Battery

The Iolite WISPR 2 doesn’t run off a battery, instead it is butane powered. Iolite is the first company that came out with butane powered vaporizers, and they are a very reliable way to vaporize. I myself am a big fan of butane vaporizers due to their convenience.

You never have to wait around for it to charge since it runs off butane, and you’ll be surprised how efficient it is.


The WISPR 2 fits in the pocket very easily since it’s so portable. This makes it a very solid option for vaporizing on the go. The fact that you never need electricity to charge it either, makes it the perfect vaporizer to use while out and about!

One full tank of butane will last over two hours of consistent use, and a container of butane will keep you going for quite a long time. This vaporizer has a window that allows you to see how much butane you have left.

It’s an ideal vaporizer for long outings or if you need a vaporizer that can last all day. It only takes around 30 seconds to re-fill the unit.


The WISPR 2 vaporizer is a truly unique vaporizer that I would highly recommend to anybody in the market for a new portable. Whether your a novice or an experienced vape connoisseur, your sure to fall in love with the WISPR 2.

The newer model looks similar to the previous version however the overall performance is much better. This product is extremely convenient seeing as you’ll never have to wait for it to re-charge.

For the price, you will not find a better quality vaporizer. The Iolite WISPR 2 is arguably one of the best portable vaporizers on the market today. Its unique design and excellent performance compounded with positive reviews have attracted many buyers such as myself!

Where to buy?

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  • This vaporizer runs on butane meaning you’ll never have to wait for it to re-charge it
  • The vapor quality on the WISPR 2 is incredible
  • It has a very quick heat up time at under 30 seconds


  • You need to purchase butane in order to use it

Do I Recommend the WISPR 2?

Without a doubt the WISPR 2 is one of the most unique vapes I’ve ever tried. The butane style design makes for a very enjoyable experience and certainly has it’s advantages compared to your standard portable vaporizer. I would highly recommend this vaporizer to anybody looking for a new portable.

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Company Information

Iolite is a unique company, best known for producing butane powered vaporizers. They are the first company to come out with vaporizers that run on butane.

Their vapes are extremely convenient due to the fact that you never have to charge them, not only that but they’re also very high performance vaporizers.

All of their products are backed by a 2 year warranty that covers just about anything that could go wrong. So you can buy their products with confidence!