Looking for a pipe that’s smooth, and practically indestructible?

The Genius Pipe might just be for you.

This unique pipe cools down smoke, using state of the art technology. It’s also virtually indestructible, due to it’s construction.

The Genius Pipe uses dimple technology (which I’ll get into more later), is marketed as an indestructible pipe.

So right off the bat, my first thought after picking up this pipe was “wow this feels solid”.

After a few knocks on my kitchen counter top, I could tell this thing was build out of very durable materials.

This pipe allows you to smoke herbs and hash, and provides some amazing flavor. The hits this pipe delivers are incredibly smooth.

Build Quality

Like I said before, the Genius Pipe feels solid. It’s got a little bit of weight to it, and is clearly made out of some very high quality materials.

The build of this pipe is unique in its own right, its made of anodized aluminum and is virtually unbreakable. The dimple technology used inside is used to cool the smoke.


Smoke Quality

One of the best parts about this pipe is the smoothness of the hits. It’s hands down the smoothest pipe I’ve ever owned.

As you inhale the hot smoke cools while passing over 2000 dimples within the pipe until it reaches your mouth and the lungs. This allows for a cleaner, cooler smoke without a cough. The Genius pipe is designed to be thin and flat, so it’s easily portable. The sliding mechanism on top gives you access to the “bowl” and allows you to pre-pack it and while out on your travels the herb stays contained in the bowl.

This pipe is marketed as a cooler smoke and one can say the smoke is cooler when you take small tokes. Its certainly a very stylish design and don’t confuse it with a vaporizer as it is a combustion pipe. The sleek and stylish design does make it easy to carry around, and it reportedly allows for up to 10 tokes per fully packed bowl (I was able to get more like 4-5).

Cleaning & Maintenance

As long as your pipe is clean, the smoke is fresh and tasty. The Genius pipe is held to together with four magnets that are easy to pull apart when you need to clean it. Its advisable to clean your Genius pipe regularly as it keeps the smoke of herbals and hash fresh.

Cleaning is simple, pull it apart and let it soak in some alcohol and wipe.

Rince off, click together, pack bowl, light and draw. And voilà!


The Genius pipe is actually made of three pieces, 2 face plates, and the sliding faceplate. It really is a modern and intelligent design for a modern, on the move smoker.

The dimples technically cool the smoke but also trap a fair amount of tar. Therefore healthier than smoking a traditional joint, the waterless technology definitely does have benefits by cooling and trapping the smoke in the dimples.


  • It has a unique design
  • Much smoother than the average pipe
  • Easy to Clean
  • It’s extremely portable
  • Delivers good flavor


  • It’s slightly larger than a typical glass pipe

There are no real cons about this pipe, except for the cost, everything commercial comes at a cost though. A Genius pipe is a really good buy if you are into quick, stealthy and smooth smokes on the move. I also like this pipe as its easy to clean, sending your time cleaning bongs and pipes is really past-time of the new modern, stylish Genius pipe smoker. If you are a stylish stoner, like most of us, this pipe is definitely for you.

Where to Buy?

We recommend buying the Genius Pipe from the link below. It’s the best deal we could find, and it’s where we bought ours. They offered free shipping, and sent us a free gift with our order.

Be sure to use IMARIJUANIT at checkout for an additional 10% off!

Do I Recommend the Genius Pipe?

Absolutely. This is hands down the most high quality pipe I own, and is a nice alternative to your standard glass pipe. It’s fairly reasonably priced in my opinion at under $100, you really can’t go wrong.

This pipe delivers really smooth hits of vapor, and from what I can tell is extremely durable. It might be the strongest pipe currently on the market.

If you’d like to watch a video review, this video below by Strain Central does a great job walking you through all the features.

About the Company

genius company logoThe Genius company is relatively new to the scene but has been getting some very good reviews, and I now see why.

The Genius Pipe is a heck of a product, and I expect their popularity to increase. I also expect the Genius company to continue to innovate.