Da Buddha Vaporizer by 7th Floor Vapes



Looking for a desktop for herbs thats both affordable and packs a punch?

The Da Buddha might just be for you.

I finally got my hands on Da Buddha by 7th Floor Vaporizers. I’m happy to say this vaporizer lived up to every expectation I had for it.

This desktop has a stylish look, and it functions even better than it looks. It is one of the best whip style vaporizers I’ve tried, and is very comparable to the Silver Surfer, which makes sense since their both made by 7th Floor Vapes.

The Da Buddha vaporizer is a low cost desktop but functions as well, if not better than some of the more expensive vaporizers on the market that I’ve tried. This vaporizer has been around for a while and 7th Floor Vapes has done a great job tweaking/perfecting it over the years


The design of this vaporizer is similar to most whip style vaporizers. The unit is made of quality materials and overall feels very solid. The only complaint I really have is that the temperature control doesn’t display a temperature reading, which can be a bit annoying if you have a preferred temperature for vaping. It takes a little bit of playing around to figure out which temperature setting works best.

This vaporizer really reminds me of a simplified version of the Silver Surfer, but it performs just as well, and it’s much cheaper cost wise.


Da Buddha desktop vaporizer is currently available in 3 colors. Black, Silver or Blue.

This product has a very stylish look and it’s impressive build quality can be noticed simply by looking at it closely or feeling it with your hands.

It is one of the classiest looking vaporizers I’ve ever owned. Along with it’s stylish appearance, the Da Buddha also comes with some pretty impressive features under the hood as well.

Ease of Use

Using Da Buddha is about as easy as packing the whip, turning the unit on, and vaporizing. You can pack about 0.3 grams of marijuana in the bowl, so it’s a great desktop vaporize for passing around and using with friends.

Da Buddha is a whip style desktop vaporizer that features a glass on glass whip, which is simple to use and also delivers for some amazing tasting vapor.

As easy as this vaporizer is to use, it blows many of the other whip style desktops I’ve tried out of the water with it’s clean tasting vapor quality.

The Da Buddha has some rather insane vapor production…

Vapor Quality

Compared to most whip style desktop vaporizers – Da Buddha knocks it right out of the park.

The vapor quality is unbelievable and you are able to get some great vapor production from this unit.

Pro Tip #1 – A good way to get some large hits from this vaporizer is by drawing slowly. You are able to get some massive clouds of vapor from this device when you draw slowly as opposed to taking quick, short puffs.

While Da Buddha doesn’t have a temperature display, finding the ideal temperature setting is quite simple with it’s built in dial. It only took me a few minutes into my first session to figure out roughly where I had to set the dial to get my desired mix between good taste and large clouds of vapor!

Pro Tip #2 – If you are first using this unit and you need to figure out which temperature works best for you, I would recommend setting the temperature dial directly in the middle for your first draw. If you find the hit is too harsh, you can turn the knob down a little bit to the left. Or if you find your not getting big enough clouds you can turn the temperature dial slightly to the right and keep adjusting as necessary. You’ll find the perfect temperature in no time!


For under $200 you really can’t go wrong. I personally think they could be charging slightly more for this product due to it’s solid build quality. The Da Buddha vaporizer feels and performs like it’s easily worth over $300+!

I’d highly recommend this product to anybody looking for a solid desktop vaporizer at a reasonable price. It’s vapor production and stylish design in my opinion make it an amazing addition to any stoners arsenal!


Where to Buy?

If you’re interested in purchasing this vaporizer, we recommend buying it from Vapornation.com. They offer the lowest price that we could find. They also offer free shipping, and send you a free gift with every order! Click the link below to be directed to their site and receive a discount at checkout.

Company Information

7th Floor Vapes is a company based out of Colorado Springs and they are known for creating solid vaporizers such as the Silver Surfer, the Super Surfer as well as the Life Saber vaporizer! They back all of their products with 3 year manufacturer warranty! While I’ve never dealt with them for any issues myself personally, after looking into their online reviews they appear to have great customer service!

I can however personally vouch for the fact that I’ve purchased 4 of their products over the past few years and have not had an issues with any of their vaporizers at all. One thing is for sure, 7th Floor only sells high vaporizers.

Things I LOVE About Da Buddha Vaporizer

This product has many things going for it and in my opinion there’s a lot of things that 7th Floor did really good when creating this vaporizer. The glass on glass heating chamber a really nice design and resembles that of a high quality glass down stem. It fits snugly in a very similar way as a bowl in a glass down stem.

The glass heating chamber provides for some amazing vapor quality unmatched by any other whip style vaporizer I’ve tried to date. This desktop unit has excellent vapor production and you are able to get some massive and flavorful clouds of vapor, depending on what setting you prefer to vaporizer at.

Da Buddha is also a very stylish looking vaporizer in my opinion and it’s one of the more “classy” looking vaporizers I own or that I’ve ever seen for that matter. Using Da Buddha feels like a truly sophisticated way to vaporize every time I use this product. The vapor quality is above average when compared to other whip style desktop vaporizers on the market.

Things I HATE About Da Buddha

So hate is a very strong word for my distaste of a certain quality of this vaporizer but I used the word “hate” to get your attention.

One of the main drawbacks to this vaporizer that I feel you should be well aware of before investing in this product is the fact that it doesn’t have a temperature display of any kind. This means you are unable to tell what the exact temperature you are vaporizing at.

The only way to find out which temperature works best for you is to play around with the position of the dial.

One thing I will say is that it’s pretty damn easy to figure out a good temperature that will work for you. It should only take you a few uses with Da Buddha to figure out a position of the temperature dial that suits your needs!

Another small complaint I had was that as I’m writing this review it only comes in black, silver or blue however all of the color styles look very classy in my opinion and I was notified by 7th Floor that they are supposed to be releasing new colors in the near future!

I hope you’ve found this in-depth review of the Da Buddha vaporizer helpful in making your decision on whether or not to purchase this product! 

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