Nowadays, there are many controversies surrounding cannabis. From its recent acceptance for treatment of medical ailments, to its stigma as an addictive drug. Cannabis has had many scandals attached to its name. It’s gotten to the point where it has been politicized rather harshly in the media. Even so, the plant has had a long, beneficial relationship with humanity. Through its different forms, there are a variety of different uses for cannabis, especially in fragrances, medicine, and oils.

What are Cannabis Terpenes?

Cannabis Terpenes are organic hydrocarbons that are typically affected by oxidation or other chemicals. It is considered an important structure found in many substances, such as sterols and pigments. However, it is typically defined as a wide array of scented oils that help give products their sweet scent.

From the sweet, fruity aromas of blueberries and pineapples, to even the disgusting smell of Sour Diesel, terpenes comprise many different scents that we encounter every day. In nature, the purpose of this scent was to scare away predators, as well as attract pollinators.

This is because the terpene that emits THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, binds to cannabinoid receptors, which produce psychological effects when activated.

This can happen when these compounds can pass through the blood-brain barrier, and influence hormones such as dopamine and serotonin. As such, it is capable of affecting mood and behavior. Generally speaking, the FDA has often recognized terpenes as “safe.”

There have been many different types of terpenes identified over the years. Each terpene compound has a unique set of properties that depend on the climate they grow in, as well as their age, soil type, and the time of day. However, while these compounds are indeed impressive in their properties, their medicinal benefits is truly astounding, so much so we use these compounds almost every day.

Below are the most common cannabis terpenes people tend to use:

  • Alpha-Pinene
  • Beta-Pinene

Alpha-Pinene and Beta-Pinene are two compounds that have a different set of properties. The alpha-pinene is typically found in pine, and is oftentimes found in rosemary. When used in safe dosages, alpha-pinene can be used as a bronchodilator that can help patients improve their respiratory disorders.

The compound also produces anti-microbial properties that could help a patient avoid infections. Beta-pinene, on the other hand, is also included in pine, but is also found in herbs such as rosemary and sage. Because of this, beta-pinene can be used as a flavoring ingredient. Like its alpha counterpart, beta-pinene has been known for its anti-depressant properties and antibacterial properties.


Myrcene is a major cannabinoid that can be found in many plants, such as mangoes, thyme, and basil, all of which also serve as beneficial herbs.

Similar to its sources, myrcene is a helpful compound that can be used for relaxation and even sleep. Because of these qualities, myrcene is sometimes used as a sedative, assisting in soothing a patient so that they can recover quicker.

Myrcene is also known as a painkiller, and can provide relief from many illnesses so that the patient doesn’t have to rely on any drugs.


Limonene is yet another major cannabinoid found in many citrus fruits, such as lemons and rosemary. Because of its rich, therapeutic history, limonene has oftentimes been associated with stress relief, good moods, and even helps assist in the absorption of many chemicals within the skin and the digestive tract. With these benefits, limonene is oftentimes used as a dietary supplement and can be found in various fragrances. Even so, it can also cause skin irritation and is flammable.


Caryophyllene, or rather beta-caryophyllene, is a compound that is often associated with the endocrine system. While it can be found in various products, it is most typically found in peppery substances, spice, wood, and cloves.

It has been known to include a variety of medical benefits, including but not limited to an improved metabolism, a natural pain killer, and reducing inflammation. Because of these benefits, beta-caryophyllene can also improve the vascular system, and thus promote good health and an improved quality of life.

It is a compound that makes up many essential odors, and have been known to be in food flavoring.


Linalool is a part of the cannabinoid compound family found in the beautiful lavender flower. Linalool gives the lavender flower a very calm scent, and because of this, is used to reduce stress.

Like limonene, linalool has had a very deep history in human history by reducing inflammation and fighting depression. Even now, as scientists continue to investigate the compound, they’ve seen their animal subjects have less stress, allowing them to relax. However, linalool has more physical uses; it can be used as a mosquito-repellent, as well as an insecticide.

Using Cannabis Terpenes

There are many ways that you can use cannabis, whether that be smoking, vaping, or oils. Keep in mind that each of these different types will have different sorts of benefits and uses. Ideally, you can use cannabis by:

  • smoking
  • vaporization
  • ingestion
  • extractions

Remember that any patient suffering from any ongoing medical conditions should seek help in regards to using cannabis terpenes. However, should you have a doctor’s recommendation to consume cannabis, please be aware that your state may require a medical marijuana card, as proof that you do have the proper authority to use cannabis.


True blue is a term used to describe a devoted commitment to either a person, or an idea. When you start using cannabis terpenes for the first time, you may feel a bit concerned as to who you should tell, or whether or not you should even bring it up, especially if a medical professional asks for it. Because of the stigma surrounding medical marijuana, it may be hard to admit that you use it. This term can also be used for products; for example, knowing that the cannabis you use is pure, and not just something off the street is something that you have to know, because you want the benefits that come with genuine cannabis terpenes.

Cannabis terpenes have been used for many centuries. Whether it be for food, medicine, or even fragrances, there’s no doubt that cannabis terpenes have had a foothold in our society, despite the controversies around them. From delving into the different uses of cannabis terpenes, to even exploring the sensitivity of the issue, in the end, cannabis terpenes can be used for anything, if used correctly.