Throughout the eighties, cannabis became a huge part of the hippy lifestyle in the U.S. The miracle herb was seen as a person’s best fun time companion. However, as much as Bob Marley and rest of the celebrities promoted marijuana, it’s use was equally opposed by various government agencies and pharmaceutical companies.

But then again, it was the eighties. We were all living life as a carefree generation, with little or no concern for the safety of our lungs, cannabis was a statement and people across the world were using it.

If you’re a 60’s kid, you probably recall that advertisement companies used to invest big bucks in cigarettes and all things related to smoking. Besides, smoking was “the” fad, it wasn’t seen as something to be dreaded, and things were pretty groovy. Cannabis, on the other hand was an entirely different thing. Although it was health friendly, it was condemned by the medical establishment and scientists were not aware of the herb’s full potential.

Back then, we had insufficient data to support the use of cannabis as a medically approved drug. It took well over 3 – 4 decades to promote awareness among the masses. So here we are in year 2017, and as far as cannabis is concerned, we got a lot of ground to cover. The only thing which most of the worlds governments agree on is pretty much clear right now, the harmful effects of marijuana.   Hope lies in the medical marijuana revolution happening right now in the States and a handful of other countries around the world.  These movements might turn out to be the cannabis seeds that sprout and grow into worldwide acceptance of the green miracle.

But all is not rosy. Even in the US, the DEA and FDA have their own reasons to ban marijuana cultivation, use and open public level sales. What they are right about is the fact that excessive use of high 

THC marijuana can seriously affect a person’s health. A typical marijuana/ hashish user of high potency THC strains can experience a mix of emotions ranging over anxiety, sadness, euphoria and despair. This experience can lead to smoking or ingesting a stronger strain of cannabinoids to overcome the aforementioned emotional setbacks.

This phenomenon further deteriorates the person’s health, lifestyle and self esteem instead of doing the opposite.

To make matters worse, top it all off with the withdrawal effects. Withdrawal from any drug, especially if it is cannabis, is not easy. The “patient” has to be supervised and given a dose of medications to help make the process as painless as possible. Some people have the notion that they can give up on cannabis addiction entirely on will power. To be honest, it’s not that simple; professional help is needed in such cases on the earliest.

Today with the advent of technology, we have vaporizers and state of the art mixing techniques that enhance cannabis’s positive effects. The plant itself is not harmful as long as it is used in small doses at a balanced THC/CBD ratio for recreation or medication purpose etc. If you are suffering from mental disorders, anxiety, mood swings and fatigue etc., a batch of CBD strain may help you overcome these issues easily.

You can buy CBD vape oil and high quality vaporizers from trusted online retailers. In case you need any additional information about cannabis vapes, you can consult with an expert, or directly contact the online retailer you’re considering dealing with. Regardless, the benefits of CBD vapes are obvious when considering the alternatives of tobacco laced joints or super high potency THC.

There is no clear cut answer to the question of menace or medication.  It depends.  It depends on the intelligence of the user to use cannabinoids wisely and safely, its like anything else, even drinking water can kill you if you drink 10 litres in 5 minutes.  Or keep you alive and healthy for a long time if you drink it wisely at safe levels.