Best Ways to Smoke Shatter/Concentrates

Concentrates are much more popular today than they were even just a few years ago. The current dabbing trend doesn’t show any signs of going way, if fact it is increasing in popularity and spawning even newer trends like e-nails and e-rigs for the pleasure of the dabbing community.

A wide variety of concentrates can be found in dispensaries across the US in states where cannabis had been legalized. Concentrates usually have intentionally high concentrations of either tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is known for its pain-killing and psychoactive effects, or cannabidiol (CBD) which offers several health benefits without the ‘high’ feelings typically associated with cannabis.

The method that you choose for the consumption of your concentrates is important. Using the right method can greatly enhance the positive effects that concentrates have on your body and mind. There are however, several options to choose from when deciding the best way to smoke concentrates like wax, oil or hash.

So you may be thinking, how do you smoke shatter?

Let’s have a look at the best methods to smoke shatter/concentrates so that you can decide which is the best option for you!

Best Vaporizers for Concentrates

One of the easiest and most popular ways to consume concentrates is with a vaporizer.

There are basically two types of vaporizers: the ‘desktop’ type or the portable type. Desktop vaporizers are usually meant to be used at home and while you can use many of them with concentrates, the portable ones tend to be better suited for this purpose.

High-quality portable vaporizers like the Muad Dib by Magic Flight and pen vaporizers such as the Cloud V Platinum are very good options for those who are looking to vaporize their concentrates and get excellent vapor quality. 

There is no shortage of portable vaporizers and vape pens for shatter on the market, and finding one is as simple as checking out some of our vape pen reviews.

One big advantage of consuming cannabis concentrates with a vaporizer is that they are really good at preserving the natural flavor of the concentrates. The pure flavor of the concentrates is preserved especially well in vaporizers that do not directly combust the materials placed inside them. The health benefit of using vaporizers is also a significant factor to consider as vaping is a lot easier on your lungs than some of the other methods of inhaling concentrates.  

E-Nails and E-Rigs

Dabbing has gained increased popularity recently as more cannabis connoisseurs embrace this way of consuming concentrates that is thought to be a cleaner, healthier experience. Many smokers that consume concentrates find that the best way to smoke shatter is with an e-nail or an e-rig.

E-rigs and e-nails are two of the newer tools used for dabbing concentrates. Modern portable e-rigs such as the Dr Dabber Boost don’t even require the use of a torch as their predecessors did. Many people don’t feel comfortable using a blowtorch! Especially when they are getting high. The original e-rig would have to be used with some type of torch as the heat source. The Dr Dabber Boost e-rig uses a titanium nail that heats up a mere 30 seconds after you press a button to turn it on.

E-nails are not as well known as vaporizers but they are still an effective way of consuming hash and other cannabis concentrates. An e-nail, for example, is essentially a metal box that has a coil, a switch (sometimes 2) and a PID to gauge the temperature of the coil. The coil keeps the temperature of the nail steady and this allows the user to get more out of their concentrates. Titanium, ceramic or quartz is usually used to make the ‘nail’ in the device.  

The biggest advantage of using an e-nail is that it allows you to maintain a steady temperature. E-nails like the Dab Ninja will give you the option of smoking your concentrates or vaping them, depending on the temperature settings that you choose. Options like that are good. The Dab Ninja is also portable, easy to use and it is one of the best electronic nails available on the market today.

Smoking Concentrates

Most persons who are trying concentrates for the first time will crumble some concentrate like hash or break up some wax into tiny pieces and add a small amount to a the dried herb in a joint, bong toke or pipe and smoke it. This way they get to experience the more potent world of concentrates without potentially being overwhelmed and they will also have a better idea of what the full on experience will be like.

Smoking concentrates does however, waste much of their content as they get destroyed by direct contact with the heat source in the act of smoking. It is not exactly an efficient way of consuming most concentrates. Vaping or dabbing allow you to get much more use out of concentrates than smoking does. It is not recommended that you smoke concentrates unless you just want to experiment with them or have no other alternative.

The method that will be best for you will be, for the most part, a personal preference. Hopefully you now know a lot more about the different options that are available to you than you did before you started reading this article. In that case you will now be able to make an informed decision. Whichever device you choose you should be aware that concentrates made from cannabis are very potent so only use them if you definitely know that you have a high tolerance level or if you have the help of someone who is experienced with the use of concentrates.


Edible items such as candy, pastries and even some savory food items that are are made with cannabis concentrates as one of their ingredients are broadly referred to as edibles. Popular examples of concentrates that are used to make edibles are cannabis butter or ‘canna-butter’ and cannabis oil. These can then be used as ingredients in recipes to make edibles such as ‘space cake’ or ‘magic brownies’.

The modern dispensary will not only have a wide selection of dried herbs and concentrates, they will typically also have a selection of edibles as well. In fact there are many cannabis retail stores that focus only on the sale of edibles. Edibles are also very popular among medical marijuana users, especially those who do not want to have to smoke or dab in order to experience the health benefits of cannabis.

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Hopefully after reading this article you’ll know how to smoke shatter and will become a concentrate fan like me. Leave me a comment down below if you enjoyed this article or if you have any questions.