How to Choose The Perfect Dab Rig

If you’re in the market for a new dab rig, and you’ve done any research at all; you’ve likely noticed that the market if flooded with various products to choose from. It can be overwhelming if you’re unsure what to look for when buying a new e-rig.

There are many different dab rig starter kits available, and in this article we’re going to show you how to find the best one.

Besides checking out the most recommended dab rigs in the market, it’s also important that you learn how to choose from the ones that are available.

Here are few things to look for when trying to choose the perfect dab rig for you.

Shape and style

There are many different types available that are suited for different users. If you would prefer easier dabbing, the banger shape is the most suitable choice for you. This is because it does not come with heat stress due to the long distance between the nail and the rig.

You could also go with the classic/direct injection shape, which is simple and does not require the support of a dome.

The most affordable option among all is the standard design, but this might need a dome to hold the vapors and send them down to the base.

Material and quality

You should also look for a unit that’s made out of high quality materials. The material needs to be strong enough to withstand the heat and most important not give off any unwanted chemicals (which is commin with low quality e-nails and vaporizers).

This is more a matter of choosing the right manufacturer, so when buying a rig you might want to consider getting from a manufacturer whose reputation is solid for making quality dab rigs.


To be perfectly blunt, despite what your girlfriedn may tell you, size matters. (lol)

Everyone has preferences when it comes to picking the right size. You need to look for a dab rig whose size is comfortable for your needs. This is also dependent on whether you would like to be carrying it around because some rigs are big and might not be good for carrying around.

The Benefits of Dab Rigs

There are many benefits to using a dab rig to dab concentrates, and their becoming popular with stoners for a reason.

Here are some of the obvious, as well as not so obvious benefits of dab rigs:

Many models to choose from

There are countless e-rigs on the market today, which means theres a ton of different modesl to choose from. Some models even allow you to mix components to come up with a custom rig of your own.


Well-designed rigs are safe to use for dabbing. Their also much harder to burn yourself with, compared to a traditional e-nail.


Dab rigs give you everything you are looking to enjoy including your favorite concentrates. They can be taken virtually anywhere since they are portable and run off a battery. Making them great for dabbing on the go.

Safety tips

You need to also observe safety precautions when using a dab rig. The most basic safety procedure you should observe is to ensure you properly light the nail with your torch. Pick the smallest torch you can get, and be sure not to overheat the nail. To keep your rig working well, you need to clean it regularly to get rid of the reburn buildup that can clog it up and overhead causing fire. Additionally, it is recommended that you should use a nail to avoid burning yourself. Lastly, use only high-quality concentrates.

How to Find the Best E-Rig?

If you are in the market for a dab rig, you should not worry about the wide collection available. You just need to narrow down your factors and you will easily locate the best dab rig for you. The list provided above is a good start and you could browse for more options using the tips shared here.

Be sure to read some e-nail reviews before making a decision, since there are tons of models to choose from.

Best Dab Rig Starter Kits on the Market

Having the right dab rig marks the beginning of an awesome experience, but you might have realized there are many available. This could be making it difficult to choose the best e-nail for your needs, which is why we’re made the ultimate e-nail buyers guide. Be sure to check it out.

Now without further ado, here are the top e-rgis of 2018.

Dr Dabber Boost

Currently my #1 e-rig that I use the most is the Dr Dabber Boost. It’s a solid little unit. It’s hella portable, and delivers some fat dabs. It feels like you’re using a proper e-nail, because the clouds you get are so damn thick. It’s also got full temperature control, and a solid battery life.

All in all, it’s a great unit and would be the e-rig I recomment the most.

Dab Ninja

The Dab Ninja technically isn’t an e-rig, and is actually an e-nail. However it’s so damn portable and works so well that I needed to include it. The Dab Ninja has been my daily driver for over a year now, and I recently upgraded to their newest model (which is dope btw).

It’s hands down the best e-nail I’ve ever used.

Therefore I needed to add it to this list.

Small Puck Rig

The Small Puck Rig comes from Nexus Glass and is available in rainbow colors. Although the rigs are small in size, they can pack quite a huge punch. The rig includes a 10mm polished joint located on its main chamber connected to a downstream that gives it an airy diffusion that every smoker enjoys. For concentrate use, you are added a 10mm female dome. It is the perfect pick for someone who likes to have a discreet rig that is also able to deliver powerful hits.




Of course there are many other dab rigs that are suited to different kinds of users, and this could be found on sites that stock them.There are way too many variations of glass dab rigs for me to include in this article. Click here to see a few more that are available in the market that you could buy.

I hope you enjoyed this article, be sure to comment down below with any questions you have or if I’ve gotten anything wrong in this article (I’m only human, I make mistakes too).

Peace and pot! ✌️