Are you looking for a portable vaporizer with adjustable settings and sleek design?

The Arizer Air 2 has you covered. 

If you were a fan of the original Arizer Air, wait until you see what improvements have been made to the new model.

The Air 2 has improved digital temperature controls, making the temperature display much more accurate. They did this by placing the temperature sensor directly beside the heating element. Arizer has also extended the battery life of the Air 2 by at least an hour giving it an insanely long battery life, especially for its size.

Using the same hybrid convection/conduction heating system which has been perfected by this manufacturer over the last few years, the Arizer Air 2 gives vapers the chance to experience a tasty and satisfying vaporizing experience.

Although it may have its drawbacks – for example its slower than average heating time – it is very portable and thanks to its new improvements  when compared to its predecessor it represents great value for money. Whether you’re new to the Arizer Air line or whether you were already a fan of the original Air model, this new incarnation is a great choice for vaping dry herbs and can compete with many other brands in the marketplace.


The Air II is a very portable vaporizer. It measures 1.13” in diameter and 4.88” in height.

If the mouthpiece is removed, it can fit easily into your pocket and thanks to the inclusive carrying case it is ideal for taking out and about. Its integrated OLED screen is easy to read and displays all temperature and battery information very clearly.

Designed to be low maintenance, there is no cleaning up necessary with this device and the inclusive cleaning tool is perfectly suited to scraping away any residue from the mouthpiece. Any other cleaning can easily be carried out with an alcohol dipped cotton swab.

The full digital temperature controls are simple to operate thanks to the informative display and the user-friendly buttons. The temperature ranges from 122 degrees Fahrenheit to 428 degrees Fahrenheit and there is also an auto switch off timer for extra safety.

The sleek cylindrical shape is stylish and can even be worn on a belt clip which comes included. The Arizer Air 2 is best suited to home use since it requires several separate pieces, however the inclusive case means that the additional parts can be easily carried whenever necessary.

The downside to the design is that it takes around 78 seconds to reach 390 degrees Fahrenheit, which is longer than many other similar devices. While it’s perfect for more laid back vaping sessions, it doesn’t heat up speedily enough for an on demand user who is looking for a fast vape.

The Arizer Air 2 is also very easy to load, although the stems hold only around 0.15 grams which isn’t a lot. The herbs can be ripped, ground or even used whole for tasty and smooth vaping, and as there is no Bluetooth app to fiddle around with, there is no learning curve with this device.

Vapor Quality

The original Arizer Air provided impressive vapor quality and the Air 2 is even better. The stainless steel, ceramic and glass vapor path ensures that your herbs are vaporized evenly and efficiently.

The Air 2 is a much better vaporizer than it’s predecessor in my opinion, even though the original model was still an excellent vaporizer.

The tasty vapor produced by the hybrid conduction/convection heating system outshines most of the portable vaporizers I’ve tried to date. The flavor produced by this new model never fails to amaze me. It’s vapor production is even better than most of the desktops I currently own.

The Air II has a more powerful heating element than the original Air which means that the user can take a harder draw while keeping the set temperature, and the open air path is matched with recessed heat jets to distribute the heat evenly around its oven for easy, smooth draws that easily rival some of  the top vaporizers on the market.

The flavor from this device is very good and there is a decent amount of vapor produced when compared to similar devices. The borosilicate mouthpiece and long air path cool the vapor while the neutral glass ensures that the flavor remains pure.

Key Features

  • Works very well with dry herbs
  • Glass long-length mouthpiece which prevents the mouth piece from getting too hot
  • Removable rechargeable battery
  • A wide range of temperatures between 122°F and 428°F
  • Produces excellent flavor
  • Easy to read OLED screen which displays all key information
  • Extremely accurate temperature sensor
  • More powerful heating element
  • Low maintenance and comes with cleaning tool


The controls on the Air 2 are updated but are in the same location as in the original version and now there is a new USB Micro B charging socket for more convenience. There are two colors available for this device, but both are subdued and discreet, making this an easy device to use in public. The aluminum shell is lightweight while still sturdy, which means it has a solid feel but isn’t too weighty which means it can be carried around, although when the mouthpiece is attached it is too big to slip into a pocket, so it isn’t the most discreet device on the market.

Battery Life

The Air 2’s battery offers around 2-3 hours of battery life depending on what temperature you vaporize at. This is a big improvement over the original Air vaporizer and is better than most portables currently on the market.

The battery only takes around 1 hour to charge, which is also worth mentioning because this is a big improvement from the previous model.


This device comes complete with a number of accessories including a 70mm glass mouthpiece and a second 70mm glass mouthpiece with tip.

The set also includes silicone stem caps, an aromatherapy sample and dish, a USB charging cable, a wall adapter and a dab tool.

You’ll also get a free gift/accessory when you buy the Arizer Air through this link.


For those who were fans of the original Arizer Air, this new version of the device is sure to impress, offering a longer battery life and an equally impressive experience together with some new excellent features.

Relatively small and sleek, it can be taken out and about thanks to the inclusive carry case and produces excellent vapor and flavor thanks to the glass mouthpieces which cools the vapor for a smooth vape.

This device is easy to load and use, making it a good choice for novice users, and its removable battery makes it more convenient to use and as it is low maintenance, there is no complicated cleaning routine to get to grips with.

Where to buy?

The Arizer Air 2 normally costs $249.99, but we found a deal for $229.99 with free shipping! Just use the link below!

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  • Glass mouthpieces for great tasting cool vapor
  • Easy to use, even for novices
  • Easy to read OLED screen which displays all the key information
  • Comes complete with a host of useful accessories
  • Low maintenance for less cleaning
  • Produces excellent flavor
  • Full range of digital temperature controls for accuracy
  • Removable battery for extra convenience


  • Too large to put in a pocket with the mouthpiece attached
  • Takes longer than some other devices to heat up

Do I recommend the Arizer Air 2?

I recommend the Arizer Air 2 to anyone who is looking for a reasonably priced portable vaporizer that delivers impressive vapor quality with a long battery life.

It produces excellent flavor, and has a very accurate temperature display from what I can tell. Its great value for your money and perfect for anyone who wants a low maintenance, no-fuss solution. It’s also great for people who have never owned a vaporizer before, simply due to it’s ease of use.

Be sure to use IMARIJUANIT at checkout for an additional 10% off!

About the company

Arizer is a well known name in the Canadian vaping industry with a global reputation. With products that are famous for their reliability, excellence and quality, Arizer’s vaporizers are made from quality materials and are incredibly durable and long lasting.

Their range includes desktop and portable devices which are priced affordably, and offer impressive value for money.