We have reviewed tons of vaporizers, and when we test them out, the only thing we vaporizer is marijuana. We realize that nobody actually uses vaporizers for herbal blends, it is mostly medical marijuana users like myself. So we are about the only website that will tell you straight up, what these vaporizers are great at vaporizing. Which is marijuana.

We have tried tons of vaporizers, most of them good but some bad ones as well. We have narrowed it down to 2 vaporizers, to answer one question.

Which vaporizer is best for weed?

We have selected our favorite portable vaporizer, as well as our favorite desktop vaporizer. These are the two main styles of vaporizers, and we know we are leaving out pen vaporizers. Pen vaporizers just simply are too small to really compete with the best portable vaporizers on the market.

The Herbalizer

As the name suggests, the Herbalizer works great for marijuana. This is the vaporizer I recommend to any patient with a little extra cash kicking around, who wants to invest in the best vaporizer on the market. This vaporizer can be used with the whip attachment or it also has a bag attachment. I really am a fan of the bags of vapor this vaporizer produces, I feel as though it is better than the Volcano. The bags do not leak at all, which is rare because all the other bag vaporizers I’ve tried have had some leakage problems.

The only problem I could see with the vaporizer is the 699.99$ retail price point. I have found a deal for 599.99$ but that is the lowest I was able to find this vaporizer. Click here to purchase it from a dealer I recommend, they have the most competitive price.

The Herbalizer is great because it heats up in seconds, which the fastest I’ve ever experienced personally. It is what they call a “smart vaporizer” which is nice because the unit remembers the last temperature you vaped at last. The temperature control is also very precise, so you know exactly what temperature your vaporizing at.

If your looking to buy the Herbalizer, we’ve found a really good deal at VaporNation for 599$! Just click the link below!