The K-Vape by Kandypens is a new portable vaporizer for herbs! This model is slightly bigger than your average pen vaporizer, and doesn’t really meet the qualifications of your average vape pen.

This unit is similar to the G-Pro by Grenco but is far superior for a few reasons.

Read our in-depth review below!


The K-Vape has a solid feel and is very portable. It’s small size makes it a great option for on-the-go vaping!

This vape pen while bigger than most, can still easily fit in your pocket and be taken virtually anywhere. It has a stealthy look to it, so it’s great if you need to be discreet!

Battery Life

The K-Vape has a pretty solid battery life for it’s size. It has a much stronger battery than any of the other vape pen’s I’ve tried. I typically get over 2 hours of consistent vaporizing from a full charge. However this battery life can be stretched if you vaporize at the lowest temperature.

Vapor Quality

This portable delivers some impressive hits of vapor. There are 3 different temperature settings depending on how you like to vaporize. I personally was a big fan of the green setting, which is around 380°F. I found it to be a very enjoyable temperature for tasty hits of vapor.


If your looking for an ultra portable, high quality vape pen, we’d highly recommend the K-Vape by Kandypens.

It has everything you look for in a herbal vaporizer. With a solid battery life and outstanding vapor production, you truly can’t go wrong picking up this vaporizer.

Whether your an experienced vapor connoisseur or just a newbie looking to get started, the Kandypens K-Vape is a great addition to any vaporizer collection!

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