The Gravity by Kandypens is a wax vaporizer pen that came out recently. I was very excited to get my hands on it. This vape pen features a quartz chamber with a double quartz atomizer. It is a truly unique vaporizer pen.

Look & Design

The Gravity looks similar to most vape pens other than it’s unique mouthpiece which I am a huge fan of. It is very similar to a hookah mouthpiece and I personally think it is a nice change from the standard mouthpiece that most vape pens have.

The Kandypens Gravity is slightly smaller than most vape pens I’ve tried however don’t let it’s small looks fool you, it packs quite a punch.

Vapor Quality

The Gravity has very impressive vapor quality compared to other wax pens I’ve tried. The double quartz coil provides for a very enjoyable vapor every time! I’m a big fan of this vaporizer for it’s vapor production. The hits are so flavorful and it delivers quite large clouds for a vape pen.


The Gravity comes with 2 different atomizers for the the user to choose from. The one on the left is a coil-less ceramic atomizer and the one on the right is a double quartz coil atomizer.

Both of these atomizers perform very well in comparison to most pen vaporizers I’ve tried.

I would highly recommend the ceramic coil-less one especially as it delivers excellent vapor quality,

Pro Tip #1 – The ceramic coil-less atomizer is perfect if your looking for smooth, tasty hits of vapor. The quartz double coil is better if your looking for massive hits of vapor!

Battery Life

The battery life of the Gravity is really good for a vape pen. You can can get roughly one and a half to two hours or battery life per charge. I personally think this is really good compared to most vape pens and also considering it’s size.


If your looking for a concentrate pen with solid vapor quality and a good battery life, I would highly recommend the Gravity by Kandypens. It has everything you need in a wax vape pen in my opinion. It out performs most if not all of the wax pens I’ve tried to date. It’s vapor quality and battery life are unmatched.

If your going to purchase the Kandypens Gravity, use the link below for a huge discount as well as free shipping!


  • This vape pen delivers amazing vapor quality
  • It comes with two different atomizers
  • The battery life is very solid for a pen vaporizer
  • It comes with 4 heat settings


  • There isn’t much to complain about…

Do I Recommend This Vaporizer?

100%. The Gravity is one of the best pen vaporizers I’ve ever used. It’s excellent vapor quality sets it apart from other models I’ve tried. Not to mention it comes packed with 4 different temperature settings as opposed to just 1. It’s rare to see multiple settings on a vape pen.

This is an excellent pick up if your in the market for a new concentrate vaporizer pen.