Air Portable Vaporizer by Arizer

The Air is a portable vaporizer made by Arizer. I was very happy to get my hands on this vaporizer as it’s one I’ve wanted to try for a while.

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The Arizer Air has been around for quite some time and is one of my favorite vaporizers. In this Arizer Air review, I hope to show you all the pro’s and con’s of this new vaporizer made by Arizer!


This vaporizer has a great design. It has a very nice look to it, and it is also very portable. The Air is the ideal size for a portable vaporizer in my opinion. It is small enough to take around anywhere but it is also big enough so that battery life doesn’t have to suffer due to it’s small size.


The Arizer Air it a very nice looking vaporizer. It’s got a simplistic design, yet at the same time has a very sleek finish.

I personally think it looks great in black, but it also comes in silver as well!

It’s size makes it very portable, and it can be used virtually anywhere.

Due to it’s portability and discreetness, it’s quickly became one of my personal favorites for taking on the go.

Battery Life

The battery life of the Arizer Air is amazing! I’m typically able to get around 3 hours of use per charge, which is very good in my opinion! I was very impressed with the battery life on the Air.

It’s solid battery life is one of many qualities that make this vaporizer so great.

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality on the Air is superb compared to other portable vaporizers, and it even compares to most desktop vaporizers on the market.

You can set the temperature with the two temperature control buttons, so it’s easy to fine tune it to however you like to vape!

One thing I love about this vaporizer is the fat clouds of vapor it’s able to produce. Depending on how you set the temperature, you can get some pretty massive clouds off of it.

The Arizer Air comes with 5 preset temperatures:

  • Blue – 356°F
  • White – 374°F
  • Green – 392°F
  • Orange – 401°F
  • Red – 410°F

I would personally recommend the Green setting which is around 392°F as the best temperature for using the Air. The hits that it delivers at this temperature are super tasty and smooth, yet you still get very large clouds of vapor.


I highly recommend the Arizer Air to anybody looking for a portable vaporizer. It is without a doubt one of the highest performing portable vaporizers currently on the market today! Whether your a connoisseur or brand new to vaping, the Air is a solid choice and you will not regret the purchase for a second. I know I sure don’t!

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  • It’s vapor quality is better than most portable vaporizers on the market
  • The Air has an amazing battery life which makes it a great option for taking on the go
  • It has an ultra portable design and it can even fit in your pocket
  • Unlike most smaller portables the outside of the Air doesn’t get very hot


  • You don’t have full control over the temperature since it comes with 5 preset temperatures

Do I Recommend the Arizer Air?

Without hesitation, the Arizer Air is one of the first vaporizers I recommend to anybody looking for a high performance portable vaporizer. It out shines most portables on the market in my opinion and it only costs around $250 which is substantially cheaper than other portables you’ll find.

It’s vapor quality is absolutely incredible and is comparable to some of the higher end desktop vaporizers on the market, and also out performs most portables I’ve tried.

The battery life is way better most portables on the market and can provide over 3 hours of battery life depending on what temperature setting you use. The lower the temperature setting, the more battery life you can squeeze out of it!

All in all the Arizer Air is an amazing portable vaporizer, and I’d recommend it to anybody!