The APX by Pulsar

The APX is a 3 in 1 portable vaporizer and is the first of it’s kind. This vaporizer shattered my expectations with herbs as well as with concentrates!

It’s above average vapor quality, portable size, and exceptional battery make it a very interesting little portable vaporizer!

Oh… Did I mention it only costs $59.99?

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The two main things that this new vaporizer offers are portability and affordability. That’s right, the APX is a lot more affordable than for example the PAX. Yet it offers the same level of performance and versatility.

The APX is a 3 in 1 vaporizer meaning it does herbs, concentrates as well as oils. This convection style vaporizer features a well designed ceramic heating chamber that has a speedy quick 40 second heat up time.

In this Pulsar APX review, I hope to show you all the pro’s and con’s of this vaporizer.

Design & Features

The APX has a unique design and is a similar shape to other portable vaporizers like the Atmos Vicod. This unit comes with an oil/concentrate adapter that can be set up very quickly if you’d like to vaporizer with oil’s or wax. It also comes with a charging cable, tweezers, and tools for cleaning.

The APX was designed with a 1-button interface which customers who have tried different portable vaporizer models will be familiar with. All you need to do to turn on the unit is to click the unit 5 times. then you have to hold the button in order to switch between the 5 settings of the units temperature. It is every bit as simple as it sounds and doesn’t take very long to get used to!

The APX is better than most portables on the market in my opinion, for so many different reasons!

One of the best features about this vapes design is that the mouth piece doesn’t get hot, unlike with other portable vaporizers I’ve tried. The APX corrects the design flaw that plagued the PAX in that it does not allow the mouthpiece to get very hot.

Battery Life

We tested this vaporizer pretty thoroughly and we were very impressed with the battery life. My biggest complaint with most portables is that their batteries don’t typically even last me until the end of a full day. However this vaporizer has a battery that I can rely on to not die on me before I am done using it for the day.

You can easily get over 2 hours of consistent usage per charge, which is very impressive considering the APX’s tiny size!

Vapor Quality

For such a low priced vaporizer I was truly stunned at the vapor quality of this little device.

This product really does have some serious power behind it. I was surprised to find out that the APX by Pulsar delivers some pretty large clouds of vapor, and the taste is incredible.


The herb chamber has a great design to it and Pulsar should get lots of credit. The ceramic design they have went with is very effective and delivers some impressive vapor quality. There are also plenty of holes at the bottom that allow for excellent air flow!


It’s nice to find an affordable vaporizer that can compete with the more expensive models on the market. This vape out performs most portables that I have tried to date, and costs only $60 dollars retail!

I “highly” recommend this vaporizer to anyone looking for a high quality product at a reasonable price.

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  1. This might be the most affordable portable vaporizer on the market
  2. The vapor quality is very impressive especially considering the price of this vaporizer
  3. The battery life is more than average, and very impressive when you consider it’s small size
  4. Has a built in temperature display to show you what temperature your vaporizing at, and it also displays how much battery life you have left
  1. It would of been nice if it came with some type of carrying case. Since it doesn’t come with anything to carry the vaporizer with you while on the go, I often times find my self sticking it in directly into my pocket

I honestly had a really hard time thinking of any negatives about this product. It’s truly hard to bitch about anything especially when you take into consideration it’s 60$ price tag

Company Information

Pulsar is a company that is known for creating several other high quality portable vaporizers. Besides the original APX their also very well known for the APX Wax which is a triple quartz coil portable vaporizer.

You can check them out on Facebook to stay up-to-date with their newest product releases.